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Lawyers encouraged to interact with clients – Kasongo


Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary, Augustine Kasongo has encouraged lawyers to enhance their skills in order for them to be available to offer clients more than one option to resolve disputes.

Mr Kasongo said having lawyers assisting with the growth of mediation will help them to advise clients on the best options to resolve their disputes.

He said with the continued interactions between the judiciary and Law association of Zambia LAZ, the lawyers will devise more innovative ways of obtaining an income from the other means as opposed to viewing litigation as the only way to earn an income.

The Permanent secretary said this during the official opening of the high court and the Launch of mediation settlement in Ndola today.

He said government wants to see LAZ launch modes of Legal practice in alternative dispute resolution with the large number of Lawyers being released into the market.

Mr Kasongo added that government seeks to implement the devolution of public services around Zambia which entails geographical equal access to the court system and alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution mediation.

And Kitwe judge in charge Charles Chanda said lawyers have been urged to direct clients to alternative dispute resolution channels before approaching the courts.

Judge Chanda said when lawyers approach the courts, they should be willing to attempt mediation when orders are made suggesting that it is the appropriate forum for settlement of a particular dispute.

He added that “a bold lawyer is one who, in the face of losing much-needed profit in legal fees, will advise a client to attempt alternative dispute resolution where the circumstances warrant.”

The Judge said the approach of mediation opens up greater possibilities for developing broadened options and solutions that respond to the parties underlying needs.

Acting judge in-charge, Mary Mulanda said the mediation rules equally calls for strict compliance by all parties to the dispute just like the rules of the high court and the subordinate court.

Law Association of Zambia Council member, Martha Tembo said the association has pledged its continued support of utilising alternative dispute resolution within the legal system.

Mrs Tembo said the lawyers will do their part in enhancing the uptake of alternative dispute resolution during this mediation week.


  1. When I reflect on the wrong impression I had about lawyers and their profession, am usually heartbroken. Law abiding has for a long time been the barometer to gauge one’s moral standing. And lawyers, being custodians of the law are assumed to be morally upright. But the reality is shocking. Lawyers live a life far from the law they practice. Many are accomplices to crime apart from being criminals themselves. People still trust lawyers but lawyers don’t trust themselves. How can you explain the conduct of some lawyers?

  2. Lawyers are criminals. They work with Mafia groups. They milk their clients until they end up in jail. Then they abandon them. Lawyers are thieves. Lawyers are tricksters. Lawyers are Liars . Cannot trust a lawyer. THEY ARE CRIMINALS!


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