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Fred M’membe raises concern about the forthcoming Indeni cheap diesel


The statement issued by Dr Fred M’membe, the President of the Socialist Party of Zambia, has raised concerns about the forthcoming Indeni cheap diesel. In the statement, Dr M’membe highlighted several questions about the government’s plans and the impact it would have on the citizens of Zambia.

“Every effort to bring down the prices of fuel deserves support, but we need to ensure that the national uniform pump price is maintained and all stakeholders are consulted to avoid any potential price differentials,” Dr M’membe said.

He also expressed concerns about whether Indeni production would meet the total country demand and become a single reference price point. “We need clarity on whether Indeni’s currently installed processing capacity will meet the total country demand,” he said.

Dr M’membe also questioned the impact on the public sector oil marketing companies (OMCs), whose price reference point is a spot price, which is likely to be higher than Indeni’s price. “How will these two different prices be reconciled to arrive at a national uniform pump price, which is currently in place?” he asked.

He also highlighted the issue of price differentials between diesel and other products such as petrol, kerosene, and heavy fuel oil, as these would have to be imported on spot prices. “What are the consequences of this? Will products imported by OMCs be priced differently, or has the government abandoned the policy of allowing OMCs to import fuel and only play an oversight role via the Energy Regulation Board (ERB)?” he said.

Dr M’membe emphasized the need for clarity on the matter so that citizens are aware of the impact. “We need to ensure that citizens are aware of the impact, and we need transparency and clarity on the issue of Indeni cheap diesel,” he said.

In his statement, Dr M’membe also revealed that a group of production workers at Indeni had been given two-month contracts to process the commingled feedstock, which was stuck in the pipeline. This suggests that the current processing is a temporary measure, and finished products will be imported.

While the efforts to bring down fuel prices are commendable, there is a need for more transparency and clarity on the issue of Indeni cheap diesel. It is essential to ensure that the national uniform pump price is maintained, and all stakeholders are consulted to avoid any potential price differentials.


  1. Indeni has been closed for over 2 years. That facility has been like that for such a long time. I think Government is right to be innovative. Benefits are that the people that were on forced leave or laid off will have their jobs back. Secondly we are assured that Diesel will be cheaper. This will be great for the economy as this is the commodity used most in heavy machinery that drive industry. As such its not worthy criticizing everything. Sometimes you give chance to an idea to be put to work before you criticize.

    • You are missing the points Fred has raised, please read the article and come back to debate! He is not against the reopening of Indeni but simply seeking clarity on the issues such as how the prices will be managed considering that the private sector has been importing the commodity and will indeni be able to supply the whole nation and stop the importation? You know such thing huh!

  2. He has a socialist brain because he is to much in social life. People like him can even become Love-ism, Tree-ism, Forest-ism; common living as communism. It was Karl Marx who called to much capital as capitalism and then defined capitalism. So we can also say Mango-ism because the mango tree holds to much mangoes or Apple-ism; tomato-ism; Power-ism.
    Dictatorships was not coined by Socialist, but by Philosophers; also we can say to a rude neighbor booming as rude-ism or booming-ism.
    So we must understand that Karl Marx was simply misusing the words and following the minds of such people in this error is a sign of mental disorder.

    Capitalism encourages innovation and individual goals while Socialism promotes booming neighbors.

  3. Dr Mmembe these days is the only person who is making sense…when he analyses a subject he brings out all the relevant points…this is what an opposition leader is supposed to be not a loud speaker like Kambwili that just yaps complete nonsense with no substance at all.

  4. If its expensive you are complaining, if it’s cheaper you are complaining. What do you want kanshi? Is it just to complain?

  5. @Razor and Doug. Can you confirm to us right here right now that price of Diesel in Zambia will be and if it cheaper than the Congo ($1.365)/litre…otherwise zip it!!!

  6. Hon. Kapala told Zambians the government will deliberately allow OMC transport and price fuel at market price with ERB reviewing pump prices monthly. (Liberalised economy).
    Since Indeni is a parastatal firm:

    Have we backtracked to allow GRZ compete with OMC on fuel sourcing?

    Is GRZ abandoning the infamous monthly fuel price adjustments, to quater-year or bi-annual, now that they are co-players in the fuel business?

    Thanks for giving as “cheap” diesel. But at what price and how cheap?

  7. Fred M’membe does not know wht he’s talking about. What are oil marketing companies(OMCS)? These are companies like TotalEnergies, Engen, Puma, Spectra, Mount Meru Petroleum etc. These hv service stations licensed to sell petroleum products. Which one of these companies is a public sector OMC? None. So what’s M’membe talking about? Indeni Petroleum has no service stations.



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