Tuesday, May 28, 2024

El Mukuka presents his second single taken off his forthcoming album ZEBRA entitled “Simple Things”


EL mukuka

El Mukuka presents his next single taken off his forthcoming album ZEBRA entitled “Simple Things“. The song is a collaboration with South African star Argento Dust (who recently had the smash hit Asanda with Zakes Bantwini) and Zambian singer/songwriter Marocco.



  1. Why imwe ma foolish jenalists only giving more coverage to this stupid boy media attention than any other proper & real Zambia musician. This boy is imposter who doesnt even give a damn about any Zambian musician or people. He pretends to be Bemba but in the last interview i watched he was asked to speak two words in Bemba and he answered on TV that his mom never allowed him to speak and so he doesnt know a single word in Bemba. Which means he is using only using the Zambian name for the ID & Passport.

  2. Very arrogant chap this El “snake” of yours is. Cos a Mukuka speaks Bemba, not this fake, iam Tonga myself & proud of any Zambian language but i cant sit here & always watch a foreign boy who had a privelage of being truly Zambian but instead he spits on us! Why you jenalists even prioritize him? Why ? Is it because of his skin? Even you jenalists still believe that a white or mixed race person is still superior to a Black person? Damn you and eff you k to all of you. Feature real Zambia musicians pls and not this clone of a person.

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