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Extra Classes – Grade 11/12 Maths and Science Questions



1.1.1 After sperm cells have been produced in humans, they are stored
in the … until maturation.

A. penis
B. urethra
C. epididymis
D. seminal vesicles

1.1.2 Which ONE of the following plant hormones is responsible for the
germination of seeds?

A. Growth hormone
B. Abscisic acid
C. Gibberellin
D. Auxin

1.1.3 The phase in meiosis in which individual centromeres split is
called …

1. anaphase I.
2. anaphase II.
3. metaphase I.
4. metaphase II.

1.1.4 When Jane plays in the snow, her body maintains a constant core
temperature by …

A. vasodilation and sweating.
B. vasoconstriction and shivering.
C. sweating and shivering.
D. vasoconstriction and vasodilation.

1.1.5 Which ONE of the following hormones prepares the human body to
react to emergency situations?

A. Insulin
B. Aldosterone
C. Adrenalin
D. Growth hormone


An investigation was carried out to determine the fertility levels of healthy males in different age groups.
The procedure followed was as follows:

• 50 healthy males in each of the following age groups were asked to participate: 20–29, 30–39, 40–49, 50–59 and 60–69.
• Semen was collected from each of the males.
The number of active sperm cells present in the semen was counted for each man in each age group and averages were calculated.

1.1.6 Which ONE of the following is the dependent variable in the investigation?

A. Fitness levels of the males
B. Age groups of the males
C. Number of active sperm cells
D. Amount of semen

1.1.7 Which ONE of the following variables was kept constant during this investigation?

A. Number of participants in each age group
B. Fertility levels of males in each age group
C. Number of active sperm cells
D. Age groups of the males


1.1.8 Which female will NOT ovulate on day 14?

A. Female A, because the FSH levels are high
B. Female A, because the LH levels are too high on day 13
C. Female B, because LH inhibits the development of a follicle
D. Female B, because a follicle did not develop in the ovary

1.1.9 Which ONE of the following statements is CORRECT regarding female A?

A. FSH increases on day 14 because the Graafian follicle is
secreting progesterone.
B. FSH increases after day 9 as the pituitary gland/hypophysis is
secreting progesterone.
C. FSH decreases after day 4 to ensure that implantation occurs.
D. FSH increases in the first two days to stimulate the
development of a follicle.

1.2 Give the correct biological term for each of the following descriptions.

1.2.1. The diploid cell formed by the process of fertilisation

1.2.2. A fluid that protects the human embryo against injuries and large-scale temperature changes

1.2.3 A disorder of the nervous system that is characterised by the breakdown of the myelin sheath of neurons

1.2.4 A hormone produced by the pituitary gland/hypophysis that stimulates milk production in human females

1.2.5 Having access to enough food on a daily basis to ensure healthy living

1.2.6 A blood vessel in the umbilical cord that transports nutrients to the foetus

1.2.7 A part of the neuron that conducts impulses towards the cell body

1.2.8 A disease that results from the body’s inability to produce insulin


1.1 A boy applies a force of 400 N to push a crate as shown below.The frictional force acting on the crate is 300N.
The magnitude of the force exerted by the crate on the boy is

A. 0 N
B. 50 N
C. 300 N
D. 400 N

1.2 The following graph represents the relationship between acceleration and net force for two objects X and Y moving on the same frictionless surface.

Which one of the following statements is TRUE?

A. X has a greater mass than Y

B. X has a smaller acceleration than Y for equal forces

C. X experiences a greater force than Y for equal accelerations.

D. The gradient of graph X represents the inverse of the mass of X

1.3 Which ONE of the following physical quantities is a measure of the inertia of a body?

A. Mass

B. Energy

C. Velocity

D. Acceleration

1.4 A car moving forward collides with a tree and comes to rest very quickly.The passenger who was not wearing a seat belt continued moving forward and collided with a car’s windscreen.Which law explains this scenario?

A. Newton’s first law of motion

B.Newton’s second law of motion

C.Newton’s third law of motion

D. Newton’s law on universal gravitation

1.5 A laptop rests on a table.According to Newton’s 3rd law what is the reaction force to the weight of the laptop?

A. The upward force of the table on the laptop
B.The upward force of the laptop on the earth
c.The downward force of the Earth on the laptop
D.The normal force on the laptop

1.6 A lady pushes against a heavy crate on a horizontal surface.One action reaction force pair applicable to this situation is indicated in the diagram below

Which one of the following statements is correct for this situation?

A. The crate accelerates because the magnitude of the force of the lady on the crate is greater than the magnitude of the force of the crate on the lady.

B. The crate remains stationary because the force of the lady on the crate is equal in the magnitude to the force of the crate on the lady.

C. The crate remains stationary because the force of the lady on the crate is equal in the magnitude to the force of the friction on the crate

D.The crate moves at constant velocity because the force of the lady on the crate is equal in magnitude to the force of the crate on the lady

1.7 The gravitational force between two uniform spheres will change to one half of the original force if the

A. Mass of each sphere is halved
B. Distance between them is halved
C. Distance between them is doubled
D. Mass of one of the spheres is halved


1. In the diagram A(6;-2), B(2;15) and C(-4;3) are the vertices of triangle ABC. M is the midpoint of AB. N is a point on CA such that MN || BC

1.1 Determine the coordinates of M the midpoint of AB
1.2 Determine the gradient of line MN
1.3 Hence or otherwise determine the equation of line MN in the form y=mx + c
1.4 Calculate with reasons, the coordinates of point N
1.5 If ABCD (in that order) is a parallelogram determine the coordinates of point D


    1.1.1 After sperm cells have been produced in humans, they are stored in the epididymis until maturation.

    C. In the epididymis: Sperm are produced by the seminiferous tubules. The sperm are then transported to the coiled tube called the epididymis. It is here that the sperm are stored and complete their maturation until ejaculation.

  2. So where are the answers? Just quickly going through, I think some of the questions are kinda wrong. Reminds me of my secondary school education many years ago. Fun to see majority of the Biology questions are dedicated to reproduction system :).

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