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Officers aiding teachers with transfers illegally to be punished – PS


Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary for Administration Noriana Muneku has warned of stern action against officers who will be found aiding newly recruited teachers with transfers illegally.

Ms Muneku sounded a warning when she paid a courtesy call at Lufwanyama District Administration where she got reports of some new teachers leaving the district using illegal transfers.

She said such reports were disturbing as it was being done without the blessing of her office.

“Whoever is doing this is doing so behind our back, because the rule is that no one is supposed to be moved until after serving for at least four years at the same station,” said Ms. Muneku.

Ms. Muneku emphasised that the over 30,000 teachers who were recently recruited were deployed according to the shortage of teachers identified in each district.

The PS said but if the trend is left loose it is likely to disadvantage schools especially in rural areas where teachers are needed the most.

Ms Muneka further said the ministry will therefore get to the root of the matter in order to know the officers involved.

She has further requested the office of Lufwanyama District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) to give a clear explanation on the alleged illegal transfers as the act was a huge drawback to Government.

Meanwhile Lufwanyama District Commissioner, Justin Mwalikwa told the Permanent Secretary that it is unfair for the district to be having a big number of teachers on paper but showing a different situation on the ground.

He further thanked the Permanent secretary for visiting Lufwanyama to appreciate the challenges being faced in the education sector.


  1. Its quite easy. My girlfriend just told me to get a marriage certificate and she was moved from Kawambwa to Ndola where I was

  2. @Nostradamus what makes you conclude so crudely? Some free education: Kawambwa is a rural area in Zambia. I work in Ndola, its the headquarters of Zambia’s urban area called the Copperbelt. In conclusion she needed to move to where the development is

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