Thursday, May 30, 2024

Summit for Democracy: to entrench or to end U.S hegemony in Africa?


By Martin Kalonga

The wolf will never lose sleep worrying about the feelings of the sheep but no one ever told the sheep that that they outnumber the wolves are the words of Bray Wyatt.

U.S Vice President Kamala Harris jets into Zambia for what is called the Summit for Democracy and will be arriving at an International Airport constructed with Chinese. She will use the roads constructed by Chinese money.

She will probably sit at Mulungushi International Conference Center constructed by Chinese and begin warning our elites about Chinese influence in Africa. Isn’t that a paradox?

Africa, the sheep, must wake up and work towards ending U.S dominance in Africa which reflects in all spheres of politics, economics, military and culture. The U.S hegemony is self-serving for America and promotes the looting and exploitation of our resources.

The US is known for its subtle means of instigating regional disputes in East Africa, and even directly launch wars as it did in Libya under the guise of promoting democracy, freedom and human rights.

In Zimbabwe, the USA supported the racist regime of Ian Smith against black Zimbabweans. It is now using sanctions as tool for regime change and installation of a puppet leadership whom they can control.

For the U.S, the type of governance that existed in North Africa was not what they wanted to see in Africa and they orchestrated the Arab Spring, giving rise to chaos and disaster in the oil rich region which has failed to stabilise to date.

The end goal is for Africans to discard their own values and system of leadership and adopt mould American own values and political system in the name of promoting democracy and human rights.

U.S political leaders use their military to advance its expansionist policy. With the setting up of a military office in Lusaka, the country has now become a US strategic post to monitor African countries and keep them in checks.

After World War II, the U.S provoked or launched wars in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf region, Kosovo and more recently in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

America is supporting Israel in the killing of Palestinians the same way it did when it supported the Boers against Nelson Mandela and his people.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank have become tools for US control of economies in Africa.

It is also clear the U.S is using its mighty to suppress its opponents – China and Russia – from playing constructive roles that they have played in Africa. We Africans must wake up and keep the U.S hegemony in check.

The U.S is sponsoring fellowship programmes for young people in Africa to get to America knowing fully that these will take over the leadership of their countries sooner or later and will implement American ideals of what democracy is. This will have a long-term negative effect on our way of life in Africa and our culture.

So as we hear Vice President Kamala Harris speak, we must be wary of the U.S hegemony in our African countries which is meant to serve America, driven by the quest for access to our resources in the name of promoting democracy and human rights.


  1. USA is trying to fight china through africa. Africa has had a tough 20th century and we not interested in that. What people want is economic development that is roads, hospitals, electricity, industry etc. Democracy is relative. Libyans didn’t have the Western democracy but had all the essentials. Zambians have USA type of democracy but go to bed on empty stomachs.

  2. The West claims to have career diplomats who shape foreign policy on professional lines because they understand the world. China moves into Africa and builds power stations, modernizes airports etc . Suddenly the West realises that its foreign policy was flawed as it was not advancing its interests.

  3. To HELL with democracy!! Purely designed to keep African countries perpetually impoverished.

    What has America or the UK done to OUR Africa in the last 20 years that we can point to as progress? Zero, only rhetoric and forcing us to see homos as right!

    Africa will only develop with China on our side! To hell with these Berlin conference thinkers!!

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