Saturday, June 15, 2024

Zambia Air Force to Procure Multi-purpose Helicopter


The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) has concluded the procurement procedures of a medium utility helicopter (MUH). ZAF Commander, Colin Barry, said the helicopter, which is expected be ready in the next two to three months, will be dedicated to carrying out different services.

Lieutenant General Barry said the helicopter will be used as air ambulance and also for movements of troops and flood victims. He said the new helicopter will be an addition to the two, whose procurement processes are still under way. He added that existing helicopter will help improve service delivery.

Lt. Gen. Barry said this today during the official handover of the Ibex Aviation Town office block and the renovated ZAF Twin Palm office blocks in Lusaka.

“I am happy to announce that we have concluded the procurement procedures for the medium utility helicopter. This is in addition to our inventory which will restore our capacity to carry out our core functions such as movement of troops, medical and casualty evacuation, air medicine, relief food distribution, evacuation of flood victims and many other duties,” he said.

Lt. Gen. Barry further said this acquisition is of great importance as it will enable ZAF to carry out its constitutional mandate and respond positively to the needs of the people within the country and the region.

He said government will continue modernising office spaces and infrastructure, including equipment for effective delivery of services.

Meanwhile, ZAF Twin Palm Station Commander, Gigi Handima, said the continued efforts by government to modernise infrastructure in the Zambia Air Force is motivating.

Colonel Handima said the renovated offices will be a morale booster to men and women in uniform as it will inculcate a culture of accountability and professionalism in the discharge of their duties.

He said the renovations, which started in June 2020, have seen five office spaces being constructed.

And Ibex Aviation Town Commandant, Daniel Kabinda, said works on the new offices that have been commissioned commenced in 2018.

Brigadier General Kabinda said officers were using some of the housing units as offices due to lack of office space.

He said this will no doubt be a morale booster for the officers who were using houses as offices adding that this will in turn help improve service delivery.


  1. What type of Multi-purpose Helicopter are you procuring? Tell the people…people today are well versed when it comes to such things as they have up to date information in PS games, MS games and movies.

  2. You mean the ZAF have only three helicopters? Thank God Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and DRC will never attack us

  3. It’s 60 years since independence, Why not design our own helicopter? Why not manufacture our own helicopter? Zambia has so many engineers and scientists. We only need the political will
    Why always aim so low?

  4. My brother has been taken in. I repeat my brother has been taken in. They want war with me. Anyone working under this government will be considered to be my enemy when we win elections in 2026. You are warned.

  5. The picture of Colin Barry is misleading as it doesn’t show his current rank. Is he still a Brigadier General? Military procurements are now public? I remember how one Fred Mmembe of the Post Newspapers had at one time produced in detail Zambia’s fire power against that of Angola

    • Do Air Force guys have same ranks as Army guys? Dont they have their own? I remember Jerry Rawlings was a Flight Sergeant when he committed his coup in Ghana

  6. Barry tell Bally to ask his American friends…kaaili even them they are here to take our minerals. If the Americans say no, China will deliver anso.

  7. kkkkkkkk but kwena sure wasting tax payers money, can you please use this money to some other ventures than buying Helicopters.

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