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Police say that Munir Zulu was arrested and charged for issuing defamatory remarks against government officials


Munir Zulu, the independent member of parliament for Lumezi Constituency, has been arrested and charged with three counts of libel in Lusaka, Zambia. The charges are in connection with defamatory remarks that Zulu made against government officials.

According to police, Zulu alleged that Honorable Situmbeko Musokotwane and Honorable Charles Milupi, both ministers in the Zambian government, had received corrupt payments of $250,000 US dollars each from a company known to Zulu. In addition, Zulu also made a defamatory statement against Engineer Mulchand Kuntawala, alleging that he had sent $150,000 US dollars to Honorable Charles Mulupi before his appointment as the Board Chairperson for Roads Development Agency (RDA).

Zulu has been released on police bond and is waiting for a court appearance. The police have charged him with three counts of libel, contrary to section 191 of the Penal Code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Following his release, Zulu made remarks that angered some people, including Anderson Banda, the UPND Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson. Banda, who comes from Kumbi Village Chief Chitungulu in Lumezi District, expressed his disappointment over Zulu’s tribal remarks and the way he dragged villagers into his allegations against the ministers. Zulu had alleged that the villagers from Lumezi were more intelligent than those from Bweengwa.

In response to Zulu’s comments, Banda stated, “We do not expect an honorable member of parliament to use such language. We call for politics of maturity among political players. We also call on Mr. Zulu to sober up and present valid evidence before the law enforcement agencies, including the court of law, on the allegations he made against the ministers.”

Banda emphasized that the people of Lumezi should not be dragged into Zulu’s “shallow way of doing politics.” He said, “We are shocked to see an area member of parliament uttering tribal remarks and dragging villagers who have nothing to do with the allegations he made against the ministers. We do not want to be part of such politics. Mr. Zulu is on his own.”


  1. Banda you are so dao. Zulu is talking about your god. Your god comes from bengwa.

    Banda think before you talk!!

    • What has Bweengwa got to do with this? HH is a national leader and not an MP or councillor in Bweengwa. Why does Zulu want to pit Lumezi villagers against Bweengwa villagers? Now that the police have charged him, news consumers will await to see Zulu’s evidence.

    • This is why we are a failed nation. Our Police think their job is to protect government officials. How can Police determine that someone has been defamed and then go on to arrest the alleged defamer?
      In a democracy, the defamed must start a civil suit. Kajoba a few weeks ago, your master HH made a song and dance about how defamation is no longer a crime but there you go harrassing citizens on behalf of government officials. You only bark when the master orders you? Here on LT Tarino Orange and Kaizar Zulu keep defaming each other every day. Why hasnt your police intervened? You only intervene when its UPND officials that have been defamed?

    • Why are people worried? Munir Zulu says he has irrefutable evidence. He therefore has the best defence possible. You might as well celebrate as the humiliation of the two ministers, the UPND government and and HH is assured.

  2. It’s not the duty of the police to arrest people who defame a government official. It’s only the president who is (was?) covered. Ministers and other officials have to go the same way as the general public. Infact this the first time such a charge has ever been made in Zambia. From Unip days no one has ever been arrested for insulting a minister, member of the central committee etc.
    Police need be professional as they carry out their duties.

    • Yes Teach some of these Policemen some law. The entire Kajoba office surely doesnt know this!!
      “this the first time such a charge has ever been made in Zambia.” It has never happened before but it happens when we are a democracy!!!!

    • Ba De javu, point of correction. The law of criminal libel was introduced by PF and was used to send Chelah Tukuta to prison after he made some allegations against the then Minister of information, Ms Dora Siliya.

      He was only pardoned by the UPND government.

    • Ba JMC Point of Correction. The law of criminal libel was never introduced by PF. It has been there even before KK. Some of us have been fighting it from when “The hour” arrived

  3. They will pay for persecuting my brother. Defamation law has not been removed..it has now been expanded to include government officials. What change did you vote for you f00Is

    • Which defamation law was removed…you think you can now simply accuse everyone of wrongdoing? Who is the fooool now? Humpty Dumpty Troll based in the UK

  4. I love Munir for standing up we need 10 people like him because Ba HH thinks he owns Zambia forgetting he is occupying a public office.

  5. According to Mr. Munir Zulu, the people of Lumezi are more intelligent than the people from Bwengwa. What criteria was he using to arrive at that conclusion?

    If what we have seen of their MP is anything to go by, the people of Lumezi must be quite an interesting crowd to have chosen him as their MP. As for their being more intelligent, let the people judge even as we see this sad development play out.

    • Iam from Lumezi and I will say none of us believe that crap. All humans are the same. We should not be used as pawns in a political game.

    • Razor, PF put this law of criminal libel in place and it is coming back to bite them. It was used against Tukuta when he wrote some disparaging remarks about the then government spokesperson Ms Dora Siliya and it earned him a prison term.

      So if Munir cannot provide solid evidence to back his claims against the three gentlemen, he may end up in prison.

    • @JMC PF never “put this law of criminal libel in place” It comes from colonial times but UNIP, MMD, PF all did nothing to change it.
      Yes, If at the time he departs your master hands you a dog that bites black people and you let it continue doing so, you are as guilty as the master.

  6. You elect boys into Parliament like this little boy Munir this is what you get…really laughable…if you are going to accuse the likes of Situmbeko Musokotwane and Charles Milupi of taking bribes of less than $250K you need to have tangible evidence as these people are heavyweights not small fish who fattened on tenders during PF like Munir.

  7. So under the UPND the defamation of the President charge that was said to have been repealed has instead been extended to defamation of government officials? I think these people smoke very strong chamba

  8. Let Munir Zulu lay bare credible evidence that Dr Musokotwane and Mr Milupi were bribed and received $250000 each. Waffling around and issuing reckless statements will not reprieve him from this case. People that genuinely come from Lumezi need not be dragged into his deceptive tricks that ushered him as an MP based on trickery. Munir Zulu does not represent the people of Lumezi as an independent MP. Evidence in Lumezi is that the people are unrepresented with an MP and only bribed them for votes as was disclosed in the courts of law. More decent voices from Lumezi District will emerge as Anderson Banda, UPND Lusaka Province youth chair person has stated. Live the people of Lumezi out of this defamatory case. Munir Zulu is on his own.

    • Muna.. how is going to do if you continue to harass him the way you are doing? The process was going to be like this 1) Munir fails to produce the evidence
      2) The aggrieved parties sue Munir
      3)Munir starts to appear in court
      The way it’s been handled is like Musokotwane and Milupi are not capable of looking after themselves.
      Next even cases of sleeping with a government official’s wife will be handled by ZP.

  9. Police say that Munir Zulu was arrested and charged for issuing defamatory remarks against government officials.
    Is there a specific law tackling the issuing of defamatory remarks against government officials? Are Government officials protected separately from the rest of the citizens?

  10. JMC even a blind person can see that if Mr Hakainde hadn’t gotten involved the police were definitely not going to arrest Munir. It’s very sad that while in opposition our leaders ” suffer” with those being persecuted by government. But once they are in government the game changes. Upnd offered or appeared so to hope for real freedom. Kanshi all they wanted was to get their hands on the Holy Grail.

  11. kkkkk the issue at hand is corruption and not tribalism,let us not run away from the fact.The fact of the matter is that two ministers were involved in corruption which needs to be tackled and investigated, but why is it that Munir is being intimidated? mmmmm were on earth were are we going kuntupa uko.Can ACC please investigate and stop the circus.Why have we turned this country into a circus.ACC be professional and do your work professionally.ACC is also a disgrace.

  12. This moron Zulu went on public space to make his allegations. If he thinks he is whistle blower, he has already exposed himself. The state will protect serious whistle blowers who report directly to law enforcement agencies and wish to be protected and not exposed to those they allege to have cases to answer. Now that everybody knows the whistle blower, the only secure protection is the courts of law.

  13. This is how the west have been confusing Africans whilst they are secretly pushing their agendas and imposing their ideologies on you. They make you busy first by ensuring you fight amongst yourselves and by the time you realise, they will be long gone. Keep your eyes on the ball, be vigilant because the US VP is coming with excess baggage.

  14. The joint investigations team has today recorded a warn and caution statement for former finance minister Situmbeko Musokotwane for the offence of abuse of authority of office, contrary to section 99(i) of the penal code cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

    This is in a case in which Dr.Musokotwane granted the deferment of value added tax (VAT) and excise duty to Varun Beverages zambia ltd. This was in 2012. ZAMBIA ZAMBIA ZAMBIA

  15. The good part is that Zulu is being a huge platform to show and inform the nation his evidence. Talking too much on social is not so good, but hopefully this chance he is being given he will utilized very well.

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