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Teachers challenged to promote maths and science in schools


Northern Province Permanent Secretary Bernard Mpundu has challenged teachers in the province to put more effort in the teaching of mathematics and science subjects.

Mr. Mpundu observed that pupils in the province are not performing well in mathematics and sciences. The permanent secretary has since urged teachers to work hard and help improve the status quo.

“We need to pull up our socks first as educators and our learners will buy into our activities. Let’s try by all means to let these guys do well, ” said Mr. Mpundu.

He added “School is not difficult, but what is difficult is for you to find time to study. When you don’t understand what the teacher means, you ask,” said Mr. Mpundu

The permanent secretary said this at Finkokoto Primary School when he visited the school and interacted with pupils.

During his interaction with pupils, Mr. Mpundu learned that the pupils with the highest marks in mathematics among the grade nines got about 55 percent, while the highest in science got 70 percent.

He also encouraged learners to pay attention to what they learn during classes and find time to study.

“We want you to become leaders. One of you can become a DC, one of you can become a teacher, and one can be Permanent Secretary, minister and even President. What is important is for you to pay attention to what they are teaching you and be able to find time to study and, again to revise” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mpundu commended World Vision Zambia in Luwingu for supporting the development of reading camps in the district.

He said the camps are helping children to know how to read and write at a tender age, which is contributing towards the attainment of high literacy levels.

“This is an important project, particularly for Northern Province where we see most of our children are lagging behind in terms of literacy, so when there is such an initiative, I think we need to support it,” said Mr. Mpundu.

And World Vision Development Facilitator for Luwingu District, Enzo Mpundu said the organization has supported the establishment of several reading camps in the district to help children know how to read and write.

He said the camps which are set up in villages are providing a platform for children to learn how to read and write outside the school environment.

Mr Mpundu explained that the camps are targeting children both in and outside school to equip them with reading and writing skills.

“Our target is for children between grades one to four but others are still not yet in school. Most of the children pick it up from here even if they don’t get into school, but through interaction with other children and reading camp facilitators, they tend to know most of the things and most of them would even know how to read and write”, he said.

And Sylvester Kamfwa a community member from Kalende Village said parents have supported the initiative as it is improving their children.

Mr Kamfwa said people understand the role of education in the development of their communities and the nation.

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