Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Youths want more participation in politics


Youth Unite Zambia Founder, Walter Kasempa II, says there is need for government to put in place policies that encourage youth participation in governance. Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s opening of the second summit for democracy, Mr Kasempa II said youths are critical partners of development hence the need to incorporate them in the democratic processes.

He said young people should be fully included in the electoral processes such as being adopted by political parties to stand for various positions.

Mr Kasempa II noted that the future for young people will only be bright if they are included in the development of democracy.

He further said youths have shown their willingness to participate in governance as evidenced during the 2021 general election.

Mr Kasempa also said the summit has provided an opportunity for governments to listen to the voices of young people on what should be done for them to be included in governance matters.

He has stressed the need to strengthen youth participation in democracy.

Mr Kasempa II reiterated the need for youths to be equipped with skills that can better position them to serve in positions of decision making.

Meanwhile BeRelevant Africa Executive Director, Mwila Bwanga, said the second summit for democracy has come at right time when young people are showing a lot of interest in politics.

Mr Bwanga said Zambia’s co-hosting of the summit presents young people with opportunities to be exposed and to learn from other countries about how the youths are included in the governance process.

He said youths should use the summit to voice out on the kind of democracy they want to see prevailing in Zambia.


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