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US Vice President Kamala Harris concludes successful visit to Zambia, announces $16 million support


US Vice President Kamala Harris has concluded her two-day visit to Zambia, during which she met with President Hakainde Hichilema at State House and announced US support worth over $16 million to Zambia. Her visit sought to advance US assistance to Zambia in accessing the digital economy, strengthening business ties and investment through innovation, entrepreneurship, as well as economic empowerment to women.

Ms. Harris’s visit has brought significant financial benefits to Zambia, with half a billion dollars in bilateral assistance, which is unprecedented. However, the opposition had falsely alleged that she was coming to promote LGBT rights, which drew sharp criticism from the ruling party. UPND National Youth Deputy Chairman Mr. Trevor Mwiinde welcomed and thanked Vice President Harris for visiting Zambia.

“Her visit is an indication that we are back on the world map and anyone who visits Africa will have to make a stopover in Zambia,” said Mr. Mwiinde. “The opposition should be ashamed of themselves, they should close down their briefcase parties and form cooperatives so they can access the unlimited funding from the numerous empowerment programs in the New Dawn Government because politics has surely failed them.”

Mr. Mwiinde continued, “We have a shameless opposition in Zambia. Yes, we understand that it’s quite difficult to be an opposition to someone who is working hard like Bally. But the limit that they had gone of spreading falsehood over the visit of Veep Harris is disheartening. She has shamed them as she clearly stipulated why she was here which was to bring good tidings from our all-weather brothers and sisters of America.”

Mr. Mwiinde then encouraged Zambians to rally behind the presidency of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. “We would also like to thank the Republican President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema for the tremendous job he has done in the past 1 year 8 months and continues to do. He found this country in shambles and immediately hit the road running. The visit of Veep Harris is due to the numerous trends that we have achieved during President Hichilema rule. We would therefore like to encourage all Zambians to rally behind him and the UPND-led government.”

During her visit to Zambia, Vice President Harris also visited Panuka Farm, a farm practicing smart agriculture, in Chibombo District. She later engaged business and philanthropic leaders, where she reiterated the need to invest in African ingenuity and creativity to unlock incredible economic growth and opportunities.

Ms. Harris’s visit has been seen as a symbol of the strong relationship between the United States and Zambia. Her announcement of significant US support to Zambia further strengthens this relationship and provides hope for a brighter future for Zambia.


  1. Harris tried her LGBTQ+ luck in Ghana. This embarassingly backfired on her.

    Before reaching Zambia, the opposition had made it quite clear to the Americans that, if she brought it up, HH would be in a fix, and she risked being embarassed again.

    Props goes to the people who created an inconducive atmosphere for her to make mention of it.

    • My worry is we don’t know what our man in State House has promised the USA on the so-called minority rights.
      The protracted talks on adjustment s could hinge on these “rights”

    • Who wrote this clearly propaganda article? Look at the intro! And the conclusion!
      LT here are a few lessons: ethically speaking news is not mixed with opinions of the writer or publisher. That is cheating because you are selling the reader opinions dressed as news. you must separate news from propaganda otherwise you are taking us for a ride. Lesson 2 If you quote one side attacking another you have an obligation to get a response from the attacked side.

  2. Zambians must wake up! 16 million pledge to sing and dance but she probably got away with a 16 trillion deal on your resources…come on guys. She came to sell us debt, that’s why she fell short at providing solutions for our problems. Our leaders should be smarter and avoid deals they don’t understand. The US don’t give a monkeys about their own people so what makes us special?

  3. Surely what is $16m to be dancing about when you can raise such figures from your own resources even from corruption itself if you successfully followed up on cases without interference.

  4. 1. Mwiimbe grow up, your rebuttal is very childish. It’s not just the opposition who feel strongly about Homosexuality, but the majority of Zambians across all sections of Zambia. It is without a doubt that the USA has put so much pressure on African Governments to change the laws on Homosexuality. The USA Ambassador to Zambia (Daniel L Foote ) was recalled back, under the Trump-Republican Regime when he tried to interfere with our Laws on this subject. The USA has enough intelligence about these gay sentiments by Zambia people.

  5. 2. What makes Mwiinde conclude that HH & Harris did NOT discuss gay issues in their private meetings? Blackrock is the largest owner of our government bonds, is a company whose powerful investors are gay, including the current CEO of Apple ( Tim Cook ) a big investor in Blackrock, is a gay billionaire funding gay movements all over the world.

  6. Begger mentality…we don’t need to be perpetual Beggers….America is a criminal organization….they steal in broad day light….You get 16 million which is pocket change here in the USA and America walks away with 16 trillion dollars because we don’t know how much wealth we have as a country..

  7. Who is the ignoramus that wrote this article? Just because she didn’t mention the LGBTQ agenda publicly doesn’t mean it wasn’t discussed somehow behind closed doors. They tried to bring this issue up in Ghana, and when the Ghanaians would not have it, they decided it wasn’t a good idea to bring it up publicly anymore. Zambians have a right to be suspicious and vigilant. You’re shukin and jiving over 16 million dollars promised, and yet you don’t know what they’ll be asking in return, maybe much more than they’re giving you. There’s no free lunch my friend. Wake up!!!

  8. China used to give Zambia billion of dollars..And some are excited over 16 million dollar … Praise singers .
    Construction of Levy and heroes stadium was over 700 million dollars. Not this money from America will sata.nic conditions attached. Upnd 2026 bye bye

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