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Former PF deputy secretary Mumbi Phiri freed as State enter Nolle Prosequi


Former Patriotic Front deputy secretary Mumbi Phiri has been set free after the State entered a nollie prosequi in a murder case where she was jointly charged with former President Edgar Lungu’s barber Shebby Chilekwa.

Allegations before the court were that on October 6, 2019 Mrs. Mumbi Phiri and Mr.Shebby Chilekwa whilst acting together murdered Lawrence Banda in Kaoma District during the run up to Council Chairperson by-election.

When the matter came up for judgment today in Mongu, Senior State Advocate Kayoka Sifali authorized for proceedings against Mumbi Phiri to be discontinued.

Mr. Sifali was acting on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions and pursuant to the powers vested in him by sections of 81 and 82 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Ms Phiri and Mr.Chilekwa were arrested in February 2022.

Mongu High Court Judge, Charles Zulu,has set today 15 hours for judgment for the co-accused, Shebby Chilekwa.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front PF Vice President Give Lubinda says the Party is disappointed with the Nolle Prosequi.

But United Party for National Development UPND Information and Publicity Secretary for Western Province, Mubiana Lamaswala , says there is nothing wrong with the State entering a nolle prosequi.He said the PF should instead thank the UPND for restoring law.

PF entourage arrive at the Mongu High Court to show solidarity to Hon. Mumbi Phiri and Comrade Shebby Chilekwa.


    • The so called Elder-Of-The-Church & President – turns out to be a very *vindictive, *hateful & *bitter person. This is a man who once held a press a shambolic & childish conference before the world from his house complaining very angry that Zambians were calling him a cow.

      Getting info in the system is easy. Therefore, VP Kamala Harris & ( former fist female & black Attorney General of California ) – Well done job compelling HH to either charge or release Mumbi from prison. And practice what he preaches on the rule-of-law.

  1. They knew what the judgement was going to be so they sneaked the Nolle. PF were bad but these clowns are simply evil.

  2. This government is vengeful and corrupt. Why lock up an elderly woman for over a year, go through a flawed trial and only to enter a nolle when the verdict is due?

    • She was instrumental in locking up mwaliteta and others for more than a year on fake chargers………..

  3. Wow!
    A miscarriage of justice.
    I hope upnd is satisfied with the level of vengence they have metted out.
    I feel sorry for Mumbi. She has suffered on behalf of Lungu who imprisoned hh on silly charges.
    Since they agreed not to touch Lungu, they went after his minions they disliked the most. It should be a lesson to upnd, that you must not accept to do dirty work for your boss. But upnd cadres will learn too late as well.

    • I am taken aback by the hatred in this country. I am looking at social media comments. People are wishing she died in cells and all sorts of evil things.

  4. It’s funny that Upnd members are comparing Mumbi’s incarceration to that of HH. Please draw a line. What HH did on that was only illegal but also dangerous to himself.
    I wish one of the reporters would be brave enough to ask him if he would allow private vehicles to drive along side his motorcade.
    These two are not the same.
    HH should be a starting point to end vengeance that has followed after change of government.

    • Mumbi phiri was instrumental in locking up mwaliteta and other for more than a year on fake chargers………..she taisted her own medicine

    • Useless person…if I tell you HH was instrumental in her incarceration you won’t agree. So the main reason she arrested is because she was instrumental in Mwaliteta’s detention. How shallow can you be.

    • De javu

      Many others in PF were instrumental and celebrated the incarceration of HH………

      how come none of them were locked up ????

  5. My mother for me is out. Wrongly imprisoned for political reasons. Let’s sue these mad upnd clowns

  6. Mumbi phiri was instrumental in the jailing on fake chargers of many upnd people……..

    Obvious mwaliteta and others spend more than a year in jail based on her instructions and fake testimonials………..

    You reap what you sow……..

    She is not done just as yet, she also lead many attacks against upnd……….

  7. Mumbi phiri is no angel…………

    She was one of the most ardent supporters of violence in PF…………..

    She actually on many occasions lead attacks against the opposition…………..

    She was also a very loud supporter of jailing opposition members on any fake charge……..

    We hope she still faces justice and repents for her brutality…..

  8. The Linyungandambo were spirited by PF from Mongu to Samfya and once illegally sentenced by a Kangaroo court were sent to Mukobeko where some of them mysteriously died in jail. This Mumbi Njoko Phiri orchestrated most of this evil, now the ugly baboon “ulutilwe tuto”. She’s the one who also had HH and Mwaliteta arrested, ki kasipa kanyo kani.

    • Language! This is a public forum. No need to insult. Only the primitive resourt to insults when they fail to reason

  9. Why does Mumbi Phiri bear such a cunning semblance to the character Ari in the movie The Planet of the Apes? Maybe it’s the bakolwe they’re eating, the genes have entered them. Look at Luo, surely, is that not an alpha sheChimpanzee you have there!

    • Nollie prosequi does not discharge one from a crime. The crime committed still hangs one’s head. For example, should the accused (Chilekwa) state or prove beyond any reasonable doubt that its Mumbi Phiri who did the murder. Mumbi Phiri comes back to prison. Nollie does not take one off the hook.

    • #Muna We all what a Nolle means… but here it’s not because your government hasn’t got enough evidence. It’s because they want to deny Mumbi a chance to sue the state. Further they don’t want to expose the fact that Mumbi was arrested not because of the murder of the Upnd member but it’s because HH thinks Mumbi celebrated his incarceration. If check the cross examination you find that Mumbi was not involved in that murder.

    • Dejavu

      You don’t know anything……….

      Many others celebrated the jailing of HH…….and are not in jail.

      Mumbi phiri was incharge of the group who fired the gun to kill Laurence banda…………she is on video instructing the gunman on what to say so as not to implicate herself. She even addmittted to be a witness to the murder…………

  10. Continued #Muna Even if Mumbi was not in Mongu during the murder, something was going to be fabricated somehow just to make her pay for celebrating the arrest of HH.
    It’s time we cut out this cycle of hatred. Let the next president encourage reconciliation so that energy can be spent on improving our well being.

    • Many others in the PF leadership celebrated the arrest of HH , like antiono mwanza who even suggested HH would die in jail………

      How come none of them were thrown in jail if the president was so
      vindictive ?????

  11. Many others in the PF celebrated the arrest of HH , like antiono mwanza who even suggested HH would die in jail………

    How come none of them were thrown in jail if the president was so
    vindictive ?????

  12. What is a nolle prosequi in Zambia?
    According to the Black’s Law Dictionary a nolle prosequi is a formal entry upon the record, by the state in criminal proceedings, by which the state declares that it will no further prosecute the case, either to some of the defendants, if jointly charged, or altogether.

  13. Chipante pante Government even the Judiciary is now a mockery….PF 10. UPND 0….They said they had evidence of PF corruption…2 years not even a single conviction….it turns UPND is more corrupt than PF

  14. You can’t govern a country when you fire technocrats and replace them with cadres. This is why parliament is now a toilet and by the end of five years everything will become a toilet.

  15. Spaka stop acting like a f.ool, You go and race with the presidential motorcade and see if hichilema will spare you.

    • Your own President when he was in opposition. Do you have fake amnesia or do you just have such a short memory?

    • Kulibonesha

      When did the president say it was OK to race the presidential acade ?

      HH was a passenger in the back seat of a car driven by an over zealous driver………he did not instruct any race

    • What a lame excuse. The chauffeur on his own decided to race Lungu’s motorcade! Perhaps we should have allowed HH to testify in court in his defence

  16. Alleged snubbing of Edgar Lungu by Kamala Harris…. someone posted something that it doesn’t matter even if Chipuba Chipuba chesu. Then of all the people Mrs Mutale Nalumango the vice president writes: Even in our tradition when you have imbeciles or mentally disturbed children in your home, you have to hide them when you have an important visitor.
    First it’s unbecoming of a person who is a national leader to think like that let alone post it publicly.
    Second…the husband is a bishop of some church so you expect sympathy and morality from such a family.

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