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If Kamala visited Lungu she would have had to visit Sean Tembo as well – Chushi


CHIEF Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda has defended the decision of US Vice-President Kamala Harris not to meet with former Zambian president Edgar Lungu during her recent visit to the country. Speaking during a media briefing on Wednesday, Kasanda said it was not a blunder for Harris to have skipped Lungu, as the former president was still in active politics.

Kasanda noted that Lungu’s own political party had declared that he was still involved in politics, and therefore, it would not have been appropriate for the US Vice-President to meet with him. She also pointed out that if Harris had met with Lungu, it would have set a precedent for other self-proclaimed presidents to expect similar treatment.

“Former president Lungu is still in active politics, and his own party has declared that he is still in active politics. So if we had Kamala Harris visit the former president, that means we should have opened it up to every other person who calls themselves president,” Kasanda said.

Kasanda also suggested that Harris could have met with opposition leaders like Sean Tembo and Chilufya Tayali, who had previously met with Lungu. She said such a move would have demonstrated Harris’ willingness to engage with all political actors in Zambia.

Harris visited Zambia on Monday, as part of her four-nation tour of Africa. During her visit, she met with President Hakainde Hichilema and other government officials to discuss issues of mutual concern, including democracy, human rights, and economic development.

Hichilema’s election victory last August, which saw him defeat Lungu, was hailed as a major milestone for democracy in Zambia. His administration has pledged to promote accountability, transparency, and good governance, and to pursue policies that will help to alleviate poverty and reduce inequality.

Harris praised Hichilema’s government for its commitment to these goals, saying that the US was eager to partner with Zambia to promote democracy and prosperity in the region.

“Our two countries share a commitment to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law,” Harris said. “We look forward to partnering with Zambia to build a more prosperous and secure future for all our people.”

The US Vice-President also announced several new initiatives to support Zambia’s development, including a $1 million grant to support small businesses and a $40 million investment in clean energy.

Harris’ visit to Zambia was part of a broader effort by the US to deepen its engagement with Africa. In addition to Zambia, she also visited South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya, where she met with leaders and discussed a range of issues, including trade, security, and climate change.

Harris’ visit was seen as a positive step in strengthening the US-Africa partnership and promoting shared values of democracy, human rights, and economic development. However, her decision not to meet with Lungu has raised questions about the US’ approach to engaging with former leaders who are still active in politics.

In response to the controversy surrounding Harris’ decision not to meet with Lungu, some Zambian opposition leaders have criticized the US Vice-President for what they see as an attempt to interfere in the country’s politics. Sean Tembo, leader of the Patriots for Economic Progress party, accused Harris of playing favorites and ignoring the voices of ordinary Zambians. Chilufya Tayali, leader of the Economic and Equity Party, said that Harris’ visit had been a missed opportunity to engage with all political actors and promote inclusive dialogue. However, supporters of the Hichilema government have defended Harris’ decision, saying that it was consistent with the administration’s commitment to promoting democracy and good governance.


  1. Chushi Zambians are not interested in hearing about Kamala. The major problem in Zambia is the high cost of living.

    We need statements about how you are going to address the high cost of living

    • Am really disappointed to elect ba UPND ad form govt. Who’s Kamala Harris? Our leaders are so mentally enslaved who still think so backward, why worship those visitors who come frm the Americas or Europe, wht do they do for us. Lets believe in ourselves awee!! Nga ba president awee refrain frm frm worshipping abasungu, no wonder u failing to run this country bcos of thinking basungu will help. Believe in yoself, we hv it all here. Awee!!!!

    • True I dont think this government knows its priorities. Kamala has left. Potholes on roads havent left. Unemployement hasnt left. Inflation hasnt left. Kwacha depreciation hasnt left Even cholera hasnt left
      Address these issues! Not Lungu and Kamala

  2. Kamala visited some grave of some late president so why didn’t she also visit some grave in Chingwere.
    Mulekwatako mucinsinshi bane. Don’t get excited. That office is temporary and sooner or later you will be pleading for loans and contracts.

  3. Anyway she’s copying from Nalumango who compared Lungu to an imbecile who should be locked away when you have an important visitor in your house.

  4. “…..Sean Tembo, leader of the Patriots for Economic Progress party, accused Harris of playing favorites and ignoring the voices of ordinary Zambians……..”

    Most of the opposition are quasi communist ideological nutcases………….

    You think the American VP has time to get lectured by you nutcases ???

    The Americans are only intrested in meeting like minded people more intrested in developing zambia….

    • Since Unip left Zambia has not experienced such shortage of mealie meal and all along we have been taking maize and mealie meal to the DRC. Spaka teka amatako panshi with your siblings in Upnd and stop ukutumpa.

  5. No wonder we can even re import our own products .We have such dull people running our country. Edgar Lungu was president of the republic of Zambia. Sean Tembo is just an ordinary opposition leader.
    I am sure the next thing will be to erase Edgar Lungu from our records and history.

  6. What would people like Chushi do if the PF came back into power? A record of all their utterances is being kept.

    • #Spaka… it’s your f00lisness that will make it possible for PF to come back. If you concentrate on improving our lives people will forget about the PF. But you spend valuable time on trying to bury the PF neglecting the people who voted for Upnd.

  7. There’s no wisdom in Chushi’s statement. When did Sean Tembo become a former President? It seems the UPND are drunk with power, they’ll cry the loudest when we finally kick them out. And why talk about Kamala at the height of riots in Lusaka? That’s what we expect you to address aside the acute shortage of mealie meal

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