Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Netherlands urged to consider re-opening embassy in Zambia


Zambia’s Ambassador to Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, Sylvester Mundanda has presented his Letters of Credence to King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands at the NOORDEINDE Palace in the Hague.

During the ceremony, Mr Mundanda said Zambia is looking forward to renewed bilateral relations with the Kingdom of Netherlands.

He urged the Netherlands to consider re-opening its Embassy in Zambia in order to enhance bilateral relations.

The envoy noted the need for a Visa waiver for Diplomats visiting the Netherlands just like Zambia had exempted the European Union countries from acquiring Visas to travel to Zambia.

Mr Mundanda acknowledged the assistance the Kingdom of Netherlands had continued rendering to Zambia in the Agricultural sector and called for further collaboration in health, manufacturing, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sectors.

The Ambassador called on the Netherlands to invest in an assembly plant for Agricultural equipment for small scale farmers and enhanced cooperation between agriculture research institutions.

He further said the Zambian Government is working on improving the integrated E-governance system in order to make it easy to interlink Ministries for enhanced efficiency and called on the Netherlands to invest in ICT.

The Ambassador also emphasised the need for the establishment of a framework of cooperation between the chambers of commerce to enhance collaborations between the private sectors of the two countries

And in receiving the Credentials, King Willem-Alexander noted Zambia’s interest in investing in wind turbines but said there was need to undertake feasibility studies to ascertain the cast of wind.

King Willlem Alexander recalled visiting the Victoria Falls in Zambia when he was young and Ambassador Mundanda invited him to consider visiting Zambia again and other tourist destinations.

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS by First Secretary for Press at Zambia’s Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, Hambaya Munang’andu.


    • Our diplomats have nothing to say. Perhaps we should just recall all of them cos we the people cant see any benefits from having them receiving our hard-earned foreign exchange abroad.
      “He urged the Netherlands to consider re-opening its Embassy in Zambia in order to enhance bilateral relations.”
      Well you dont have an embassy in Holland so start with yourselves and open one.

    • There’s even a red district in Amsterdam where all kinds of prostitutes operate and all dagga shops are there 24/7

  1. These countries don’t like to waste money and that’s why they will have one embassy serving centrally from one country. USA has embassies in all countries even banana republic because they are too much into espionage.

  2. The Dutch have a very bad history with Africa. They commercialized slavery on a global scale. They were the first colonisers of South Africa. Their descendants continue to spread white supremacist mentality throughout Africa. I feel sad for black south Africans. Little wonder why EFF’s Malema is a rising star. Black Africa wake up!

  3. Ask anyone who has worked with Boers anywhere on our African continent in any industry. They claim to be Africans but they are in the forefront of discriminating against black Africans. Generally white collar thieves and racist.

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