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The truth about UPND’s New Dawn: Corruption and violence continue



By Kelly Kaunda

When Fred Membe, president of the opposition Socialist Party, gave his own version of what happened in Serenje where he has been framed to have injured someone after firing his firearm, I held my breath. I believe his logical explanation and believe he is telling the truth. But he also reveals that a warn and caution statement has been recorded against him and yet he is the one who took the complaint to the police!

To those of who that have been made to believe that there is a New Dawn, hear me loud and clear: that is the biggest lie this side of 21st August 2021! UPND is not any different from the parties before it. They are as violent and as corrupt as anyone before them. To my brother Fred Membe, let me say this to you: Elder Hichilema is a lamentable failure when it comes to political violence!

In this country, the police practice political and not civil policing. UPND has no moral scruples. The HH police will pick you up and throw you behind bars for more than 300 days only to enter a nolle on Judgment Day! Not surprisingly, praise singers, mainly from one or two regions of this country, will cry in a discordant chorus singing: Igwe, Almighty HH, thou art righteous always! What you are doing is right because PF put you behind bars for more than a hundred days and also killed some of your cadres!

If you challenge them to live by their self-declared angelic creed, the New Dawn, their response will be: when you were in PF, why didn’t you correct these things?

Fred, you are up against morally spineless human beings who are just as wicked as anyone before them. They will throw you behind bars for an indefinite period. No lawyer will serve you from their cruelty and lack of civility. No donor community will come to your aid. Especially that you have turned your heat against the west, you will languish in jail my brother.

Never be fooled by the spiritually and morally empty notion that Zambia is a Christian nation and that HH is an elder in church. This country is no different from any pagan nation and its leader is no different from any non-Christian you have come across. Tragically, Zambians do not have the political people power that has taught politicians humble lessons in other parts of the world. So, politicians can get away with murder, and we as Zambians will remain smiling for nothing.


  1. Kelly! It’s refreshing to read your article after a long time. I hope you’ll come from wherever you are to save Zambian journalism that’s been under consistent attack from all angles, what with the advent of social media? I agree with everything you’ve said about the UPND. Perhaps let me add that their paranoia and untested Under 5 matole economics have plunged this country into deeper abyss. Hope continues to dwindle everyday. Just look at the mealie meal situation!

  2. It’s a pity that people don’t see that what HH promised and what was bad in PF have taken the turn for worse. Blood should not be thicker than water because without water blood cannot survive.

  3. We know UPND in and out and their lies will not take them anywhere.Its a pity that up to this time they are still telling zambians lies.Remember what you sow is what you reap.President M’embe is right.

  4. “This country is no different from any pagan nation”.
    The problem is many Zambians want to proclaim something they are not.
    let us be judged by our “deeds” and not “proclamations”

  5. Kelly Kaunda, pipe down, you are a journalist. Pity you were recalled may be didnt deserve that appointment at it was pay back tokens for prompting Michael Saat and PF whilst writing for the Post with your guru Fred Mmembe. So, in a reversal version of things, high light what was wrong with PF regime that necessitated Zambians to vote for HH and UPND party.

  6. “…If you challenge them to live by their self-declared angelic creed, the New Dawn, their response will be: when you were in PF, why didn’t you correct these things?…….”

    Without shame , thinking zambian readers are thick, he skips his own question…….


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