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Nakonde District Commissioner says that the District is now in steady supply of mealie meal


Nakonde District Commissioner Marvelous Sikapizye says the supply of mealie meal has become constant after weeks of commodity scarcity.

Mr. Sikapizye says the government is working hard to curb the smuggling of maize and shortage of mealie meal in the country.

Mr Sikapizye, who was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Nakonde today, stated that various measures have been put in place to ensure there is food security.

“As of now the mealie meal situation is stable, it is better than before and there is a continuous supply from the local millers and outside the district. You can now go to any shop and you will be assured of finding mealie meal,” he said.

He added that in a continuous effort to curtail the smuggling of maize, six trucks loaded with maize that were destined for neighbouring Tanzania were impounded at a dry port on Monday this week.

He however pointed out that investigations into the matter are currently underway and the offenders will face the law if found wanting.

“I can say that the smuggling of maize has also reduced because just a few days ago, about six trucks that were going to Tanzania were intercepted at a car park near Wulongo,” Mr Sikapizye said.

And a Nakonde local miller, Joseph Mayota, who was earlier engaged by government to supply mealie meal at a subsidized price, has commended relevant authorities for the constant supply of maize.

Mr Mayota stated that the gesture has in turn enabled them to continue supplying mealie meal to consumers.

He said the milling plant currently has 1200 by 50kg bags of maize in storage which will convert to 1600 by 25kg bags of mealie meal after production while another 1600 by 50kg bags of maize have already been procured and awaiting delivery to the plant.

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