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Two brothers arrested for allegedly killing their father whom they suspected of practicing witchcraft


Police in Luano District of Central Province have arrested two brothers for the suspected murder of their 83 year old father identified as Kasimilo Chipanama.

Central Province Commissioner of Police, Mukuka Chileshe disclosed this to the media in a press statement that said the brothers namely Lenton Chipanama 43 and Courageous Chipanama 39 are suspected to have murdered their father whom they had been suspecting of practicing witchcraft.

Mr Chileshe said two were on several occasions confronted by family members on the same issue.

He said the murder happened around 18 hours on Monday, 10th April when the elder son returned home and started beating the now deceased with a rake but was stopped by his mother, Eldah Chipanama.

He said that Lenton followed his father who had escaped the beatings and later came to inform family members that his father had committed suicide.

“So, when he made this report, the family members did not believe him and that is how they sent the younger brother, Courageous Chipanama to go with the brother and verify the incident.

The two came back with the same allegation that their father had committed suicide. By hanging himself to a tree using a fiber rope,” the Commissioner said.

Mr Chileshe, however, said the matter was reported to the police who visited the scene of crime and that upon inspection, it was revealed that the body had multiple injuries.

The body of the deceased has since been deposited into Luano Mine Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem while the duo have been arrested and charged with murder, awaiting court appearance.

Meanwhile, police in Mumbwa district have launched a manhunt for the assailants in a murder case involving a man identified as Evaristo Mweemba 48, who was hit with a pounding stick by a man identified as Soldier Tilimboi of Mumbwa’s Kapeshi Village.

Mr. Chileshe said the incident happened yesterday around 07:00hirs when the victim, who sustained a deep cut on his head became unconscious and died at Mumbwa District Hospital where he was receiving treatment.

He said it is not yet known what happened between the two and that no arrests have been made yet as the assailant is on the run.

The Commissioner, however, said the body of the deceased has since been deposited into the mortuary of Mumbwa District hospital, awaiting postmortem and burial.


  1. Thank you Police for these arrests but what are you doing with these opposition leaders who are unproffessionally discharging their fire arms in public like the one in Serenje. HH whilst in opposition was being tear gassed every day by the PF Police but he never discharged a fire arm, we had a larger budget for tear gas than CDF then

  2. Science teachers, please put this on your to-do list, that is, eradication of belief in whitchcraft. Chipanama has tragically lost his life due to his society’s belief in witchcraft and probably believed in it also as long as the suspected witches were other people and not himself.

    • Yes the education system is to blame. Why is every old person seen as a witch? In European countries they celebrate old age because it is a sign that our health system is working. People can live up to old age because they have looked after themselves by maintaining good health. And they have been looked after by the health system. I was angry when my aging mother who was a Christian was accused by little unthinking boys of being a witch. HH and fellow politicians work on this. Educate the nation. free it from superstitions!

  3. When a nation is full of unemployed they have nothing to do so they smoke dagga and fantasize about witchcraft. They hallucinate and act on their illusions

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