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Lemmy Kajoba thanks President Hichilema for support during his tenure as Police Chief


Former Inspector General of Police, Lemmy Kajoba, has expressed his appreciation to the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, for the opportunity to serve the country under his leadership. Mr. Kajoba made the statement of appreciation in a public address after retiring from his post.

In his statement, Mr. Kajoba thanked the President for his guidance and support during his time in office. He praised Mr. Hichilema’s vision for a safer and more secure Zambia and expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him to lead the Zambia Police Service. Mr. Kajoba noted that the President’s unwavering support was instrumental in ensuring that the Zambia Police Service fulfilled its core mandate of maintaining law and order and preserving life and internal security.

Mr. Kajoba went on to wish his successor, Mr. Graphel Musamba, and all the police officers in rank and file, and their families all the best and God’s blessings. He also expressed his gratitude to the people of Zambia for their cooperation and support.

Yesterday, President Hakainde Hichilema relieved the Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba of his duties and replaced him with Graphel Musamba.

President Hichilema also relieved the Deputy Inspector General of Police for Administration Doris Chibombe, awaiting re-deployment and has since appointed Alita Mbahwe, the former deputy Drug Enforcement Commissioner (DEC).

Speaking during the swearing in ceremony at Statehouse, President Hichilema urged the incoming officers to address the issue of violence and bloodshed, saying that the vice is not supposed to be retained in the markets, bus stations, and streets.

President Hichilema indicated that his administration has vowed to retain law and order, respect for one another, therefore imploring the law enforcers to clean out illegal possession of guns that has highly contributed to the violence in the country.

He also discouraged political attacks, stating that by-elections should always be peaceful as no political party is supposed to bout on others, especially during campaigns.

The head of state further wants professionalism to be restored in the Police service.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema also terminated the contracts of four Permanent Secretaries including Cabinet Office PS for Special duties, Wisdom Bwalya and Perpetual Chuulu, Ministry of Green Economy and Environment PS John Msimuko, and Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development PS Danny Mfune.

He has since appointed and sworn in eight Permanent Secretaries in various ministries and cabinet offices.

Those appointed are Naomi Tetamashimba, (Special Duties Cabinet Office), Hope Situmbeko (Foreign Affairs and International, Administration), Lilian Bwalya (Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Administration), Subeta Mutelo (Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise Development), Christopher Simoonga (Ministry of Health, Administration), Hapenga Kabeta (Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development), Albert Malama (Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, and Douty Chibamba (Ministry of Green Economy and Environment).

The Head of State has further transferred Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise Development PS Yvone Mpundu to the Ministry of Agriculture in the same capacity, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation PS for Administration Chembo Mbula to Cabinet Office in the same capacity for Special Duties, whereas Cabinet Office PS Chilufya Darko and Ministry of Health PS Lackson Kasonka will be re-deployed.

The Head of State urged the newly appointed officials to utilize their different skill sets and work in accordance with the expectations of the Zambian people.

President Hichilema pointed to areas of concern that need addressing such as quickening the procurement of drugs, acceleration of the public-private partnership in the infrastructure sector and entrepreneurship opportunities especially in rural areas.

The Head of State also wants the establishment of a Minerals and Mines Development to effectively manage the mining activities so that locals and the country at large can benefit more.

He thanked those relieved of their duties for their individual contribution to the nation and wished them well in their future endeavours.

And the newly appointed senior officials have pledged to enhance service provision to all Zambians as they contribute to the government’s vision of accelerating development across the country.

Inspector General of Police Graphel Musamba said the change would be visible in the Police force as they execute their duties diligently.

While the Deputy Inspector General of Police for Administration Doris Chibombe was thankful to President Hichilema for placing more women in high positions, as she pledged her involvement towards restoring professionalism in the police.

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs and International PS for Administration Hope Situmbeko said she would work towards strengthening international relations.

And Ministry of Health PS for Administration Christopher Simoonga said the prudential call on strengthening the procurement process will be prioritized.


  1. So you are thanking him for using you to arrest his the same people you harassed know that you are now without authority.It’s a lesson even to the one who has fired you that majority Zambians are waiting to fire him in 2026

    • In 2026, Zambians will ask for an encore in 2026 and HH will oblige them. In constituencies where MPs are equal to the task, the HH difference is clear to see because of the CDF allocation.

  2. We fired this guy during our reign as he was incompetent. Then hh went and rehired him out of spite for us. The only problem I have with his latest firing, is that it was done for personal reasons because he revealed that HH has influence on law enforcement. The police don’t act until hhsays so.

  3. Kajoba is One of the most incompetent Zambians. I wonder how any appointing authority would have picked him over so many policemen and women in Zambia? Do these politicians have Zambia’s interests at heart?

  4. During Lungu and Sata’s reign, 90% of those hired will be Bemba and Nyanja! Their tribal bigotry was stinking and yet they’ve got the bollocks to accuse HH of their own stinking masipa!

  5. One surprising thing is how suddenly those who supported his appointment have changed color to vilify him. He is condemned even for the things (dirty deeds) he helped do for those in power.
    The past IG couldn’t please everyone, but he is pleased to have been hired twice carrying with him a hefty retirement package.

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