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UPND National Trustee warns of party reaction if opposition continues to abuse freedoms and disparage President Hichilema


UPND National Trustee Grace Chivube has warned that if the opposition political parties continue abusing their freedoms and disparaging President Hakainde Hichilema, the party will have no option but to react.

Ms Chivube said the New Dawn administration has given citizens and politicians freedom to express themselves but that politicians like Zambia Must Prosper President Kelvin Bwalya have gone overboard.

She said UPND will react if the opposition continue abusing their freedoms and that they will regret their actions such that they will even hate politics.

“If the ruling party has no vision as alleged by Zambia Must Prosper President Kelvin Bwalya, he would not even have the freedoms he is having to insult President Hakainde Hichilema,” she said.

She said that during the former PF regime, there was no freedom whatsoever and that Mr Bwalya could not even have the freedoms he is enjoying today.

Ms Chivube said KBF must be happy that he even has an opportunity to learn politics from President Hichilema.
She was reacting to KBF who has called UPND a failed project without a vision.

Ms Chivube said if the Head of State has no vision, how is it possible that for the first time since independence that over 30,000 teachers and 10,000 health workers have been employed with one year.

She also said that within the same one-year Constituency Development Fund (CDF) increased from K1.6 million to over K25 million.

She also said that if UPND and President Hichilema had no vision, why did he leave his party to come and join the UPND in opposition.
“For me this shows that Mr Bwalya himself has no vision for the country and no one should depend on him,” she said.

And Ms Chivube has called on Mr Bwalya to gang up with PF leadership and for a cooperative and apply for any form of empowerment to prove that they are wrong on insinuations that no cooperative has been funded.

She said so far 12,601 cooperatives have been funded countrywide and that if Mr Bwalya forms a cooperative it will also be funded.


  1. So according to this lady saying UPND is a failed project has become an insult against HH and that her party will react and cause harm to those that utter such words? Jesus wept! When I read the one of names of the new appointees being a Mbula, I wondered whether there was a relationship. Now Lesley Mbula, the oldest Ambassador to RSA has sued Sean Tembo for using insulting language against the great leader. It’s become easy to conclude my speculation. What can one say except to pray for Zambia? Our problems are deeper than the debt crisis

  2. We ****you think you can scare us? We we have no mealie meal because of your president so why can’t we complain. I thought such useless women were only found in PF?

  3. Useless walawala woman. You think we’re scared. Just because life is rosy for you you think we’re all happy. Bring it on, and we shall meet you head on.

  4. Very ugly woman. I have interacted with her before. Ugly both outside and inside. Makes me realise how very lucky I am to have my Regina.

  5. stop acting like you own zambias freedom it is your duty as a party in power and zambian to maintain peace. u are not doing zambians a favor when there is peace government is not military. think someone needs to educate pipo in these political parties. remember when there is no peace all sides suffer dont let the pride that destroyed the pf creep in and expect different results. remember it’s everyone’s country

  6. And by what means is she going to deal with Zambians who criticize the president? Are they going to stone people like they stoned the Wusakile church where PF cadres took refuge and the police refused to intervene?

  7. At least it’s coming from a party official and not a government minister. We can excuse her lack of understanding of fundamental freedoms as per constitution, most party officials survive by making noise like this. We have a long way to go as a country.

  8. Ms Chivube said if the Head of State has no vision, how is it possible that for the first time since independence that over 30,000 teachers and 10,000 health workers have been employed with one year.
    UPND are really bankrupt of thought

  9. These people never learn just look at Mumbi one point she used to swear to anything with a heart beat

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