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President Hichilema Hichilema’s Comments on My Firearm Possession are very worrying – Dr M’membe.


In a statement issued today, Dr Fred M’membe has accused President Hichilema of prejudicing his case before the court. He expressed his concern about the President’s comments and insinuations regarding his possession of a firearm, saying that they could prejudice his case.

“The excitement of Mr Hakainde Hichilema over my carrying a firearm is very worrying. He is passing judgment on a matter I am being prosecuted over by law enforcement agencies under his control and command. In more fair and just societies his comments and insinuations would constitute a very serious breach, prejudicing my case,” said Dr M’membe.

He further explained that carrying a licensed firearm is legal in Zambia and that he has been properly and adequately trained in the use of firearms. He also mentioned that his life’s path has required him to carry a firearm, which is different from President Hichilema’s path.

“It’s lawful for any Zambian to own and carry a licensed firearm and use it within legally permissible conditions and circumstances. I have carried a firearm for most of my life. The life I have lived required me to carry a firearm, and I have been properly and adequately trained in the use of firearms. The life Mr Hichilema has lived is very different from mine. His path in life is very different from mine. Each path in life is different,” added Dr M’membe.

Dr M’membe also called for a fair and unprejudiced trial, urging President Hichilema to keep his excitement and desires to himself. He believes that the President’s comments and insinuations show that he is excited about the case and would like to see him fixed.

“The exercise of power must be a constant practice of self-limitation and modesty. It’s not fair and just for Mr Hichilema to prejudice my case. From his comments and insinuations, it’s very clear that he is very excited about this case and he would like to see me fixed. And he seems to have serious problems concealing his excitement. But for now, let him keep his excitement and desires to himself and allow me a fair and unprejudiced trial,” said Dr M’membe.

Many are concerned about the possibility of the case being prejudiced, given the President’s comments and insinuations and it is clear that Dr M’membe is calling for a fair and just trial, and he believes that President Hichilema’s comments and insinuations could prejudice his case.


  1. The habit by the president of speaking on cases should be stopped forthwith. He called Kambwili on the hate speech (only applicable to one tribe), he threatened Munir, the Kajoba court revelations and now this.
    He looks quite but he’s more evil than any other president we have ever had in Zambia.

  2. @ Mwata, you are right, our reporters and journalists are the worst! They provide no background and simply lift from social media. Makes you wonder why we need them if all they do is replicate postings.
    I watched KBF’s interview on YouTube. Search for Kay Felix Inspire on YT and see his latest video. In that video, KBF had a press conference where he chided the laziness of journalists. Every journalist worth his salt should learn from that.

  3. There he goes Mmbee !!
    There was nothing wrong in what the President said based on the quotation in this article. The President is just mitigating a risk where one will end up being shot. He said there are many people holding firearms illegally, and tasked the new Police SG to look into that. He simply related his own experience, that he also owns guns, but never occurred to him, that he would carry a gun during the campaign. What is wrong with that? What threats did Mmembe have for him to be carrying a gun and firing it in the air?
    Mmbee, grow up and spare the president for more serious issues, than this rubbish.

  4. Fred is just trying to misconstrue things for public sympathy. Unfortunately the days when he had monopoly to control news are long gone. We heard the entire speech for ourselves and know what the context was. The point the president was making was that the police should ensure everyone’s safety without discrimination – journalists and politicians included to the point where no-one should feel the need to carry a gun for their safety while going about ordinary business. The use of the example of himself was more to demonstrate his personal discomfort with citizens walking around with guns due to mishaps that could occur. Stop the misdirection Fred.

  5. -Did he fire to kill or to scare?
    -Was he threatened to prompt a shot?
    -Is the gun legally owned?
    -How true and factual is the story: that he wounded a cadre?
    -Was he ambushed and only did it in self defense?
    -Doesn’t the ECZ time table show who was supposed to be campaigning that material day?
    -Did that one off shot encourage more violence or it helped reduce further pandemonium?

    Anyone can ask these questions, but it may sound prejudicial when the big fish with personal and political rivalry in it with all the power and control of the River Zambezi to publicly talk about it.

  6. It will win you hearts if you just apologized.Zambians are generally afraid of guns, they are suspicious of people who carry guns,and you cant go shooting over the heads of your potential voters Ignore those advising you to be intransigent

  7. Spot on Dr Mmembe because the President is trying to incite his chola boy the DPP a UPND sympathiser to punish Fred but mwachepa sana you are dealing with King Fred watch your back especially Gilbert Phiri he must stop abusing his position because it is very temporary

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