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Kitwe residents riot after fatal accident on Ndola-Kitwe Road


Some residents of Kitwe’s Chamboli and Mulenga Townships have rioted after a fatal accident on the Ndola-Kitwe Road that killed a pedestrian on Monday afternoon.

After the accident members of the public mobilised themselves and started blocking the Ndola-Kitwe Road while throwing stones

Police Copperbelt Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba said the situation at Chamboli junction is now under police control.

Mr. Mweemba narrated that the accident occurred when the driver of a vehicle registration number BCB 4990 lost control of the car due to excessive speed and went to hit a pedestrian who was moving from the direction of east to west.

“Fatal road accident occurred today 17/04/23 around 12:50 hours along Ndola-Kitwe road at chamboli junction kitwe.Involved was a m/ v Toyota Dyna registration number BCB 4990 which had a shattered front window screen and a broken right head lamp driven by Victor Matutu aged 35 years of House Number 104 Mindolo Kitwe.Also died upon arrival at Kitwe teaching hospital . The accident happened when the driver of the m/v was driving from the direction of south to north and due to excessive speed,he lost control of the m/v and went to hit a pedestrian who was moving from the direction of east to west and was about to finish crossing to the other side of the road.C/C A 4. Following the accident members of the public mobilized themselves and started blocking the road and throwing stones.currently officers are on the ground control the situation sir,” Mr. Mweemba said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mweemba has confirmed the arrest of a 38 year old man of Lufwanyama District on the Copperbelt for attempting to rape his sister inlaw aged 63.

He said two more dockets of Criminal trespass and Assault will be opened against the suspect identified as Jonathan Chihingulu, a farmer.

“Attempted Rape. Ob no 757/23. Occurred on 16/04/23 around 02:00 hours at Lusompa Village, Katembula Section in Lufwanyama, in which female Doris Chichenga aged 63, a Lamba and farmer from Village Lusompa Chief/ Shimukunami Lufwanyama reported that Male Jonathan Chihingulu aged 38 of Lusompa Village, Katembula Section a Z/ Lamba and farmer from Village Twashila Chief Lesa in Mpongwe her brother in law married to her sister attempted to rape her, and sustained human nail scratches on her face and general body pains.Brief facts are that the complainant was sleeping in her house when around 02:00 hours, she realized that there was a person in her bedroom. Before she could wake up, the intruder held her by the mouth to prevent her from shouting for help with one hand while the other hand was trying to undress her. She struggled with the intruder and managed to scream. Her daughter, who lives within the village, heard her scream and sent her grandson Male Happy Lisopelo aged 17 to check on his grandmother,” Mr. Mweemba said.

“When male Happy Lisopelo reached his grandmother’s house, he noticed that she was struggling with another person. He called his mother and other family members, who rushed to the house and discovered the suspect half naked struggling with the victim. He had even taken off his trousers at the time.The family members managed to apprehend the intruder within the house only to discover it’s male Jonathan Chihingulu the husband to the complainant’s Sister female Peggy Kang’onde who had just travelled to Kalulushi on 15/04/23 for a visit. The suspect also lives within the same village. In trying to escape after being apprehended, the suspect bit male J Happy Lisopelo on the left thigh, causing him to sustain human bite wounds on the same thigh.The complainant reported the matter to Lufwanyama Police Station, and the suspect surrendered too. Docket opened, and arrest made. Meanwhile 2 other dockets of Criminal trespass and Assault OABH to be opened against the suspect,” he stated.


  1. It’s a crazy world we live in. As for the accident, I always wonder why people over speed on this stretch. It’s over populated with drunk and sober people crisscrossing the two roads. There speed humps and traffic lights…. but many drivers who think niba guy completely ignore these.

  2. I don’t know why the Police have kept quiet about the other 3 accidents that occured at the same spot that involved 3 trucks at almost the same time. This is the same stretch where the grader fell on top of the truck cabin and killed 3 occupants. One truck spilled sulphur dioxide. So this report isn’t comprehensive. Mufinsa nji amambala?

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