Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Mwinilunga resident requests halt to patch Mwinilunga -Solwezi road, they want the whole road rebuilt


A senior citizen in Mwinilunga district in North-western Province has asked government to consider halting the ongoing pothole patching works on parts of the Mwinilunga-Solwezi Road.

Benson Mapulanga says the ongoing pothole patching works by the Road Development Agency (RDA) are not sustainable as the road is completely damaged and does not require patching as an interim solution.

Mr Mapulanga said in the current state the only solution is to completely grade out all the damaged parts and construct a gravel road which should be periodically maintained until a permanent road is built.

“What is just required is to remove the whole remaining tar patches and gravel the road, patching the potholes is not a solution,” said Mr Mapulanga.

Mr Mapulanga wondered how often the potholes will be patched up considering that only gravel mixed with some cement is being used to patch the potholes something he said is not strong enough to last for a reasonable time.

He added that patching up the existing numerous potholes is like mending a torn old cloth using a new cloth which only results in the old cloth to even get more torn.

“This is like mending an old cloth with a new piece of cloth, it only gets torn further,” he said.

Mr Mapulanga is of the view that the resources being spent on patching the road can be spent in a more sustainable way on the same road by beginning to mobilise gravel and other materials for reconstruction.

He has however commended government for works being done to mend the deep holes and some cracks which developed on the pillars on the bridge across the Lunga River.


    • PF is long gone You Cow..2026 is coming and I guess all U will have to talk about is PF..U have no vision for real..

    • You pervert Modher F.V.cker, I am referring to the quality of the roads! Go check the history on LT and you will find that the question about the quality of roads was debated on during the PF reign.
      Why is it a pain in your smelly black a.s.s each time I refer to PF?
      Learn to debate based on differing viewpoints, each one of us has a different opinion. therefore, it’s your freedom to express your views freely. BUT DON’T COMMENT here by INSULTING others. Freedom of Expression doesn’t give you the right to INSULT others. YOU HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR A LONG TIME.

  1. We have all the resources in the world to build a beautiful road but as usual, we first look to which foreign company should we use so that one can take a cut. Sometimes the pride of building something that is priceless has more value than constantly ripping yourselves off.

  2. So, which roads was PF building? Everywhere, people are complaining about roads and yet they said that they borrowed to build roads. What we now have is no roads, huge credit to pay back. Paying back for air

  3. The Solwezi Mwinilunga road never got service and maintenance. I ve used it when it was okay in the early 2000s but Zambians think once something is constructed it will maintain itself. Just visit Freedom House, Mass Media Complex and all government buildings constructed in the past 30 years, they are rotting

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