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President Hichilema attends funeral of Austin Mwiinga


President Hakainde Hichilema has eulogized the late Austin Mwiinga popularly known as Nsabata, as a freedom fighter who used music to better the lives of people.

ZANIS reports that President Hichilema said it was sad that he has not lived long enough to see what he fought for through his music.

The President was speaking when he addressed thousands of mourners who turned up to pay their last respects to late Mr Mwiinga in Shebwe village in Mazabuka today.

President Hichilema said Mr Mwiinga was there for the party during the difficult times it went through since the time of late founding leader Anderson Mazoka.

The Head of State said the late Mr Mwiinga fought for the rule of law and freedom among other struggles he led through his music.

“He fought for the people through the songs he composed though he has not lived long enough to see that. He wanted to see freedom, rule of law,” the President said.

President Hichilema said Mr Mwiinga led a fight for the struggle through songs and the party will continue with his fight to better the lives of the people.

He said the work that Mr Mwiinga has left should continue and taken forward.

‘I see a different country in the coming few years. There is freedom now no-one is fighting or insulting each other. People are moving freely,” he said.

The President also led party officials, parliamentarians and ministers to raise funds and animals for the late Mr Mwiinga’s family.

K50, 000 and 36 animals and a piece of land have since been raised for the family.

The President who performed a traditional dance, Kukweya in honour of the late Mr Mwiinga and thanked the traditional leaders and the people for turning out in numbers to mourn Mr Mwiinga.

The President said the party did all it could to keep Mr Mwiinga alive but it was God’s wish that goes to rest.

And Mazabuka Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo said the party was there for Mr Mwiinga throughout his sickness and described him as a strong fighter.

Southern Province UPND Chairperson, Billiard Makwembo said Mr Mwiinga was a true gallant freedom fighter for the party and his work will be greatly missed.

Gonde cultural group representative, Josephine Malambo who spoke on behalf of the group said Mr Mwiinga led the group with passion.

Ms Malambo said the group has lost a leader who championed unity and respect for others through music locally and countrywide.

Four traditional leaders also attended the funeral who included Chief Hamusonde, Chief Chona, Chief Choongo and Chief Mwanachingwala’ s representative.

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Mulenga Chipoka and other senior government officials also attended the funeral.

Mr Mwiinga who was a leader of the Gonde cultural group composed songs for the UPND party since the time of late founding leader Anderson Mazoka.

The late Mwiinga was interred at Shebwe village in Magoye area this afternoon.

He died on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka after an illness and has left 11 children and two wives.


  1. Budima? Or Disco?
    Tongas seem to have lost their culture. Look at how Nkombo and Hakainde miserably fail in trying to move their versace covered legs trying to swing to Kingaridi. Ha! Ha! Nkombo should watch his stamach. He has quickly invaded Kambwili territory after only one year in office.

  2. Yesterday, MMD acting national trustee Elizabeth Chitika-Molobeka said that that UPND should not to be quick to condemn her over her tribal remarks when they were the biggest culprits of pushing the tribal agenda in their villages.

    “In Southern Province, they have composed a song in which they are saying ‘Mu Bemba ngu satani (a Bemba is a devil)’. This is a tribal song preaching hatred. All campaign posters for non-Tonga candidates are being pulled down, including for the ruling party,” she stated. THIS WAS IN 2014

  3. This is absolute garbage. Where don’t hoodlums pull down campaign posters? It happens countrywide. It’s just that you feel you come from a more fashionable tribe than Tongas and it’s really hurting you that a Tonga is now Zambia’s leader. This is something you never thought was possible from your backward upbringing. I do not understand the basis of your superiority complex.

  4. Ayatollah, what higher civilisation do you think your tribe has developed which is above the Tongas?

  5. I have total respect for Ayatollah. I like his contribution on this forum. Sometimes I jokely call him Ayatollah Khomeini (Ruhollah Ayatollllah Khomeini, was an Iranian political and religious leader) but I don’t know what his tribe is, and in fact I don’t even have to know it, it is inconsequential to me. His intelligence has nothing to do with his tribe. But he appears to think that his tribe is more superior than other tribes. When one criticizes his tribe, he goes really nuts, it becomes a personal issue to him. You praise a person, not a tribe.


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