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Traders abandon a new market constructed at constructed at a cost of K179, 000


Shiwang’andu, District Council Chairperson, Sampa Bwali has expressed concern over the market structure which has turned into a white elephant after marketeers abandoned the trading place.

The market shelter constructed at a cost of K179, 000 in Shiwang’andu District was abandoned by marketeers two years ago.

Mr Bwali said it is disheartening to note that after spending colossal sums of money to provide an environment conducive for trading, marketeers have continued to shun the market shelter.

Mr Bwali made the remarks during an ordinary council meeting.

Mr Bwali stated that from the time marketeers abandoned the market shelter, it has been difficult for the Council to collect revenue.

“In the period under review, the Council has not collected any market fees from the traders, which has affected the revenue base of the local authority,” Mr Bwali said.

He said marketeers should be relocated without fail and instructed the area Councillor in Manshya Ward, where the abandoned market shelter is, to spearhead the task of relocating marketeers back to the abandoned market.

And Manshya Ward Councillor, Robert Mukaseka said to effectively move marketeers to the abandoned market, there is a need for intensified efforts from the local authority management and other leaders.


  1. People respond well to threats of arrest and prosecution for the ones contravening the law. Arrest a few that are selling in undesignated areas. Word will go round, and others will be willing to obey the order to go back to the market. But don’t make the fees too high, which may be the reason they decided to abandon the market. in the first place.

  2. Bad strategy…improve footfall in the market than issuing pointless threats you need the marketeers more than they need you. I bet you this is just an expensive shelter without even refrigeration facilities for fish mongers and fresh vegetables.

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