Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Chief Orders DNA test after Father denies making Biological Daughter Pregnant


A 42 year old man of Lundu Village in Chief Chabula area in Lupososhi District has allegedly impregnated his biological daughter and Chief Chabula has since ordered that a paternity test be conducted on a juvenile when she delivers to determine the father of the child.

This is after the juvenile was reported to have been impregnated by her biological father. The traditional leader said the 42 year old man of Lundu Village has however, denied the offence when he appeared before the traditional court.

Chief Chabula said a DNA test should therefore be conducted when the child is born. He, however, expressed sadness with the behaviour of the man and his daughter for allegedly doing things that were against natural law.

Chief Chabula told ZANIS that such cases are retrogressive to society and brings the name of the chiefdom into ridicule. He has since promised to deal with such perpetrators before presenting them to relevant authorities.

The chief, who also disclosed another case of a Grade seven juvenile who allegedly impregnated a relative, said incest needs to be dealt with in his chiefdom.

The traditional leader stated that such cases, if left unattended to, are retrogressive, and a danger to culture and humanity.


    • What is sad in this story?? The girl loves her Dad, she wants to get married to him. Why you always look from into darkness? They are in love.

    • Mwalipena? In Kafue National Park yes because beasts do not think. Who doesnt love their parents? We all do but that is never romantic love!!

  1. Indeed! In the whole world there’s no country that allows marriage between parents and children or between siblings how can any normal person advocate for this? Iam shocked

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