Saturday, June 22, 2024

Government’s measures have stabilized the Mealie meal Availability in Lusaka -Kamalata


Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Robert Kamalata says the availability of mealie meal on the market in Lusaka has continued to be stable following measures put in place by the government to stabilize the supply of the commodity on the market.

Mr. Kamalata said continued supply and distribution of mealie meal by the Millers in Lusaka has contributed greatly to the stabilisation in the supply chain.

Mr. Kamalata said the price of mealie meal in Lusaka has gone down compared to few weeks ago.

He said he is happy that mealie meal is available on the market in various shops, supermarkets and chain stores across the district.

The Provincial Permanent Secretary has also directed the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to deliver more mealie meal to Rufunsa and Luangwa Districts and flood the market.

“We are stabilising the supply of mealie meal in Lusaka and am happy to inform you that the commodity is available in shops, supermarkets and chain stores across the district,” said Mr. Kamalata.

He said he is happy that the measures put in place by the Government to stabilise the supply of mealie meal, has worked out.

Mr. Kamalata said there is no need to worry about the availability of mealie meal in Lusaka because the supply has been constant.

And officially opening Choppies Twikatane Mall in Lusaka today, Mr. Kamalata said Government is committed to create more jobs in various sectors of the economy.

Mr. Kamalata said the new dawn administration places great emphasis on economic stimulation through investment in key sectors which will directly benefit communities and the country.

He urged Choppies to continue with the dedicated approach of local sourcing of products and services as well as employment.

The Provincial Permanent Secretary further urged Choppies management to ensure and establish support channels to take advantage of the local small and medium-scale businesses and entrepreneurs by focussing on local suppliers and job creation.


  1. This chap doesn’t know that it is the responsibility of the new doom government to stabilize everything.

    It is not the responsibility of others apart from you matha fake.

  2. And he needs to know that the army has only got one commander. Stop confusing them with political orders. We don’t want Sudan in Zed.
    Ati “directed the Zambia National Service (ZNS)” to do what?

  3. Nanga other parts of the country weo ka kamalata? Are you piloting Lusaka for voters in the next elections ndaba? Deliver kaili!

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