Tuesday, June 18, 2024

ZICTA cautions NAPSA beneficiaries


The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has cautioned the general public to BE wary of scammers when processing withdraws of their 20 percent National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) partial benefits.

ZICTA Vice Board Chairperson Milner Mukuni stated that NAPSA has published clear procedures on how qualifying contributors can claim their 20 percent partial benefits, adding that only those procedures should be followed to avoid cyber scams.

Mr. Mukuni said, based on the information that has been communicated to ZICTA, NAPSA has not engaged any agents in the claims and payment processes, therefore people need to be cautious of any person that will be asking for their NAPSA details.

Mr. Noted that scammers may want to take advantage of the NAPSA ongoing partial benefits claims process, hence the need for the general citizenry to report any suspected scam to ZICTA.

And Choma District NAPSA Station Manager Evans Simwaba has urged people intending to access the funds to utilize the NAPSA online platform.

Mr. Simwaba, who disclosed that the District NAPSA Office is attending to over 250 beneficiaries a day since the law was signed, stated that the current manpower is struggling to handle all clients that seek physical services on time.

He noted that walking to NAPSA Offices will also reduce productivity of many citizens as many hours of work will be spent on queuing at the expense of work when other alternatives are already in place.

Mr. Simwaba disclosed to ZANIS in an interview that NAPSA has identified institutions that have large numbers so that it trains employees that will be doing online applications within their workplaces.

“To reduce these congestions, we have already come up with a list of institutions that are housing many employees so that we train their IT personnel on how to use the online platform. We believe this will help because the claims will be made from their institutions,” he said.

Mr. Simwaba stated that the walk-in services are mostly targeting citizens with zero knowledge of internet usage.

He assured people that the NAPSA online platform is very safe for all their transactions and people should not shun using it.


  1. Upnd has failed to give you more money in your pockets like pf did. So now they let you have access to your future safety nets so that you squander your own money .

  2. YES PF gave more money at the expense of leaving Zambia with a massive debt for future generations to carry that burden

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