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Thabo Kawana Denies Claims of Government Trickery in Strengthening Kwacha


The Ministry of Information and Media has held a press briefing to discuss the recent strengthening of the Kwacha, Zambia’s currency, which has been attributed to the country’s government’s economic policies. The Director Spokesperson, Thabo Kawana, spoke at the briefing, stating that the strengthening of the Kwacha is not a result of magic but the government’s discipline in running the economy.

Kawana stated that the stable mining tax regime has played a critical role in the strengthening of the Kwacha, with mining houses now declaring their final year taxes. He said, “The stability in the mining sector has led to the strengthening of the Kwacha. We have a stable mining tax regime, which has given mining companies confidence to declare their taxes. This has led to the strengthening of the Kwacha.”

Kawana also highlighted the government’s strict adherence to the prudent use of resources, stating that this has acted as a wake-up call for investors, who are now more confident in the country’s economic trajectory under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema. “We have had very prudent use of resources by the government. This has sent a message to investors that the country’s trajectory is rising, and this has boosted investors’ confidence,” he said.

Kawana dismissed claims that the government is playing tricks to strengthen the Kwacha, emphasizing that the country’s economic improvement is not accidental but the result of strong economic measures put in place by the government to improve the lives of its citizens. He said, “The economy is not improving accidentally; it’s by strong economic measures that have been put in place by the government to improve the lives of citizens.”

Kawana further noted that the same strong economic measures have boosted investors’ confidence in the country. “The strong economic measures that we have put in place have been the same measures that have boosted investors’ confidence in the country. Investors are looking for stability and predictability, and the government has provided that,” he said.

In conclusion, Kawana reiterated the government’s commitment to the country’s economic growth, stating that the government is pleased with the positive impact of its prudent economic policies and is committed to ensuring that the country’s economic growth is sustained. He also addressed allegations that the government is neutralizing some sections of the church, stating that the government and the church are considered partners, and the accusers should stop misleading the public about crucial issues.


  1. Sounds good, let’s pray it continues strengthening, those who want the Kwacha to not appreciate further are the ones who stole Dollars during the PF regime. The benefits of the Kwacha strengthening further outweigh the disadvantages. Furthermore, Ministry of finance must seriously consider settling trade with Indian companies in Rupees and Chinese companies in Yuan so as to further reduce demand for the USD. We don’t want even to see USD at K22 again please.

    • Hey They should be given support for the next 50 years or equal to Zambia’s general life expectancy. This person didnt ask to be hit by the president’s motorcade

  2. And our Chief government spokesperson is no where to be seen?
    Am I the only one wondering why that woman is heading that ministry?

  3. Looks like DejaVu Etal the other PF rats have accessed CDF and NAPSA funds………….

    They are nowhere to be seen……….

    When they blow the money they will be seen , hurling insults at the president………

    • #Spaka… you are a moron.
      You think giving out Napsa is an achievement? Somebody else created Napsa and when your thing runs into problems he releases the money to the owners of the money. Someone harvests your maize and delivers to you?

  4. He says the rebound of the Kwacha is due financial discipline?
    So when it declines what type of discipline are we going to attribute it to?
    It’s important to keep quiet if you don’t understand the dynamics.

  5. Surely how can someone who can not manage his personal finances be talking about the country’s economy…this is a chap who takes out a govt loan to buy his wife a luxuary vehicle.

  6. I ain’t surprised anymore…. just left the ATM.. one useful something is explaining that zesco tariffs have been reduced… where we used to pay 0.47 Kwacha it has been reduced to 0.40 Kwacha. He ended there and no further explanation which mattered most.

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