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Zambia gets K 11.6 million Grant from Japan for Livingstone Museum


The Ministry of Finance and National Planning has received grants amounting to K 11.6 million from the Japanese government towards the improvement of equipment for research, conservation, exhibition and education at the Livingstone Museum.

Speaking today during a press briefing, Minister of Finance and National Planning Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane said the gesture will help in promoting the understanding of National Heritage and conservation through improved equipment necessary for educational programs, exhibitions, Research, documentation and conservation of collections.

Dr Musokotwane added that the project to be implemented by the National Museum board t will be funded through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) over a period of 2 years.

“The targeted equipment to be procured through this grant includes Projectors, Cameras, Laptops and computers microscopes among others. The grant will also be used to cover payment to suppliers and contractors and consultants under the project,” said Dr Musokotwane.
He further commended Japan’s unwavering commitments towards Zambia’s developmental agenda saying Zambia and Japan have continued sharing the warm relationship which has resulted into the collaboration of mutual benefit over the last 50 years.

“Japan has been a very supportive partner to Zambia through implementing projects in key sectors such as education, healthy, infrastructure, environment and water.

These projects have continued playing an important role to Zambia’s development including the government’s Economic Transformation and job creation agenda which has been embarked on for the next five years,” said Dr Musokotwane.

The Minister further added that it is pleasing to note that Japan has most of times been offering the financial support to Zambia under its grant window to improve the country’s basic infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, water supply facilities, roads, Health and medical care, equipment and other requirements.

The other notable infrastructure constructed by Japan is the Chirundu one stop boarder post

AND Japanese Ambassador to Zambia TAKEUCHI Kazuyuki commended the UPND Government for championing democracy and good governance since ascending to power adding that a peaceful development and growth of the country lies in her excellent ethnic delivery symbolized by a slogan “One Zambia, One Nation”.

Mr. Kazuyuki said that Zambia’s New Dawn administration has formulated the 8th National Development Plan and the tourism plan which set one of its keys aims of promoting cultural tourism and improving the quality of museums


  1. With this begger mentality Zambia will never develop…like seriously…So UPND just came with a bigger begging bowl

  2. Southern Province is historically the province that has given Zambia far much more than it has got back. Number 1 in agriculture, producing more than 90% of the maize, more than 80% of the beef, 100% of the sugar. Number 1 the production of energy: 100% of the coal, 100% of the electricity. It is also number 1 in tourism. You tribalists took that money to build 2 universities in your province. The Japanese contribute a measly $600 000 to upgrade a museum, you complain bitterly, because the money is not going to your provinces or your pockets. You talk about UPND having a beggar mentality, Who borrowed the $31 billion dollar by which the West is now enslaving Zambia? UPND needs to deregister PF and put you fools in jail

  3. Seriously people…..Mr Musokotwane, can you go begging for a stupid k11m to sort out the museum???? That’s so embarrassing, that money could have come from kazungula border easily….just clearing a few cars. Simple!!!! Stop embarrassing us or being lazy to sort out these small things. Even CDF could have sorted out the museum

  4. Seriously Mr musokotwane???? Small money to sort out the museum, you and and beg from Japan??? Dont you think you are embarrassing yourself? You could have just taken from CDF or just from clearing a few cars at kazungula border. Or even asking Kaizer Zulu(he has enough stolen money) ……you go and embarrass yourself by begging for peanuts……just a few kgs of gold from solwezi can sort out. Guys grow up

  5. When are we going to give grants to other countries to do their museums? Masiku onse nikunkala onyala monga vipuwa shuwa!? That Minister is of the old dispensation and must be rested. We need bolder dispositions that will begin to refuse some of those useless grants.

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