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Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson dismisses calls to disband National Pension Scheme Authority


The Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson Thabo Kawana has dismissed calls by the president of the Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP), Sean Tembo, to disband the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA). In an exclusive interview with the Falcon News in Lusaka, Kawana stated that the government had already done its groundwork before implementing the partial withdrawal of pension.

“Government has released 11 billion Kwacha which is able to take care of 600,000 would-be beneficiaries of the 20% of partial withdrawal of pension,” Kawana stated confidently. He also defended the government’s decision to allow partial pension withdrawals, saying that it was a necessary step to provide much-needed financial support to workers during tough times.

“We are not like Sean Tembo who can have the audacity to participate in an election expecting to win and later come out with zeros. Everything on him is zero,” Kawana added, clearly unhappy with Tembo’s recent comments on the NAPSA.

Kawana also reminded Tembo that the current government is a serious one that knows what it is doing. “The New Dawn is not a ‘chipantepante’ government that does things without planning and calculating,” he said.

Kawana’s comments come after Tembo’s recent appearance on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk Program, where he called for the disbanding of the NAPSA, claiming that the institution has no capacity to provide income security through payment of benefits to contributing workers.

The National Pension Scheme Amendment Bill 2023, which allows for the partial withdrawal of pensions, was recently signed into law by President Hichilema. The new law, which fulfils one of the major campaign promises of the United Party for National Development (UPND), has been met with a lot of excitement by workers.

Kawana reiterated that President Hichilema is delivering on the promises he made prior to the August 12, 2021 General Election. “The president is committed to improving the lives of Zambians and he is taking bold steps to make sure that happens,” he said.

Kawana dismissed Tembo’s claims and assured Zambians that the government is committed to providing financial support to workers through the NAPSA. “The government is doing everything it can to ensure that workers are financially secure, and we will continue to work towards that goal,” he said.


  1. No one has answered my question yet. I said MUBI UYU, WHAT TRIBE IS HE. I know I am not most handsome in world but I am not this ugly

    • Take the advice of your name and get out. You always questioned the tribal makeup of our govt when we were in power. Can you answer the question or get out

    • Kaizar kuti waloloko! No progressive society says because some people focused on the wrong thing then we must all focus on the wrong thing? What kind of philosophy is that?

    • I hear what you are saying. You have a valid point. But merely asking what tribe someone is does not constitute tribalism.

    • No it isnt. But it suggests that someone wants to justify or confirm his prejudice: ‘because this person is ugly(beauty is in the eye of the beholder) he must come from a despised tribe, not mine’. But we shouldnt forget we are all human so we shouldnt pay too much attention to creed or colour. Even when HH referred to Guy Scott as Muzungu opusa (instead of just saying niwopusa uyu) the implied message was that HH thinks whites cant be stupid. From that can be drawn other conclusions. Napwa

    • @KZ nobody knows that ugly idyot. He is not UPND. I agree he is too ugly to be working with our dull Media Minister, don’t know her that woman.

    • @KZ The guy is just as handsome as any man can be. It is just then way he speaks.I fear that one day he will swallow his tongue. Otherwise he is a normal handsome Zambian. Even him has women who crave for him and wish he had married them.

    • @KZ read Genesis 1:26… Then GOD said ” Let us make man in our image. So Mr Kawana just like you are made in the image of GOD.

  2. The best way to answer this one is to ask why Zambia is so animated about NAPSA excluding others:
    Why did the government only choose Napsa when we have other pension houses?
    The Lusaka-Ndola dual carriage road quickly set out Napsa as the local financing company for the project. We have several quasi grz institutions, what is so special about Napsa?
    What are (Public service pensions fund, Zambia National Building Society, The Local Authorities Superannuation Fund, etc.) all these doing when they must be involved in the Zambian economy?

    • This is a life line for hundreds of retired and disabled Zambians. The Upnd should not kill it. It’s not a cash cow. The people who created Napsa did so because many retirees became destitute after leaving employment. Please don’t get excited

  3. Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson? What a lie from this adminstration! We all know he is the Government Spokesperson.

    • Kikikikikiki! The beer holder always says “I ve never gone to bed with an ugly woman but I’ve woken up with a few”

  4. Asking tribes of others, constitutes Kaisalarism which means entering State House illegally during PF after being… because the clinical officer was showing his prolific-ness hence the result.

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