Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Second Edition of Combined Under 18 and Under 20 Confederation of African Athletes Opens in Ndola


Today was a day of celebration as the Second Edition of the combined under 18 and under 20 Confederation of African Athletes was officially opened at the Levy Patrick Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola. President Hakainde Hichilema officiated at the event. Young athletes from various parts of Africa had converged in Ndola with the singular goal of achieving sports excellence in track and field, while upholding values of brotherhood and respect towards their opponents.

President Hichilema said it was a moment of great pride to acknowledge that among these young athletes, there would be future world champions who would bring honor and glory to the continent of Africa. The athletes were encouraged to continue utilizing sports as a means of setting high standards, raising expectations, and building character, which would contribute to the growth and development of the African continent in numerous areas.

The UPND government remains committed to supporting all sports on an equal footing. They strongly believed that no sports were inferior and would continue to provide equal support to all sports. President Hichilema thanked the Confederation of African Athletics for choosing Zambia as the host country, and best wishes were extended for their future endeavors.


  1. Elias Mpondela is still showing up at ZAA events…no for heaven’s sake that is too much…there are younger and more honest people who can do whatever he is doing…he had his time please let others get that same space he is clinging unto.

    • Imagine ! I left Zambia in 1991 and he was in the same position he is in! And Zambia’s graph for athletic performance has been dipping all the time. Are there no other people who can do that job?

  2. Oh oh , these athletes will be slaughtered at the podium finish by athletic powerhouses Kenya and Ethiopia.(and btw,that Kenyan uniform is the ugliest of all shown)

    • You are brainwashed to admire only European styled dress. For brainwashed mentally enslaved minds like yours everything western is beautiful. When you see anything with an African touch you cringe because the white man has taught you to hate everything about yourself. The unfortunate thing is you agree. Agree with your former colonial master that everything about you is foolish and everything about him is clever

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