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Uniting Presbyterian Church reminds elected leaders of their duty to care for their constituents


Copperbelt’s Uniting Presbyterian Church – Evangelist Miniva Nonde Chila has reminded elected leaders not to abandon people in their wards and constituencies after elections.

Evangelist Chila of Mushili Congregation in Ndola said leaders should regularly visit their people and check on how they are doing.

She said true leadership is about caring for the people without segregation.

Evangelist Chila was speaking when Ndola’s Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Warren Mwambazi congregated at Uniting Presbyterian Church in Mushili, Ndola over the weekend.

She said Uniting Presbyterian Church is also looking forward to President Hakainde Hichilema visiting them in future as he comes to the Copperbelt Province regularly.

Evangelist Chila added that promotion of justice, peace and care for the people must be the hallmark of good leadership.

“Today we have been preaching on the need to follow God and to follow his instructions at all times. We are telling those elected to promote justice and care for the people. These are parents who should care for everyone without segregating. As leaders they should care for everyone and visit the people who elected them. Here at Uniting Presbyterian Church in Mushili, Ndola we are happy to be visited by the Member of Parliament. This is the first time a Member of Parliament is visiting our Church, we are grateful and humbled. Let the Member of Parliament continue visiting people like this. Even other leaders should visit people; they should not look at the same of the Church or community,” Evangelist Chila said.

In his remarks, Mr. Mwambazi encouraged women to form cooperatives in order to benefit from the Constituency Development Fund.

He also pledged his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises and hinted about re-contesting the Bwana Mkubwa parliamentary seat during the 2026 General Elections.

“Form cooperatives and benefit from Constituency Development Funds (CDF). The same way we are committed to Church activities is the same way we should be committed to CDF empowerment. Even in your church groups discuss CDF empowerment. We will only be happy if more people benefit from CDF. It is difficult to make promises but fail to fulfill how you will come back to ask for votes from the people. We want to come back, I don’t know about others. When I apply to come back you will be ticking that he brought good roads, water, schools and street lights plus markets. We want development like we promised you during election campaigns. We used to come early in the morning to knock on your doors for campaigns. Development will liberate us. We came here to encourage one another and to listen to the word of God. We do not segregate; we go to what you may call big or small churches. That is where our people are, that is where our power lies. We are trying to visit many churches despite time constraints,” Mr. Mwambazi said.

Mr. Mwambazi added. “For us, time and again, we will keep on engaging our people so that we update them on what we are doing and just to get feedback from them. As the leaders we know that amaka yaba mubantu and we will continue striving hard to do what the people want. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the Presbyterian Church, Mushili leadership and indeed the entire membership for the love they showed and the gift when we worshiped together yesterday. As leaders we will continue seeking the face of God for him to lead us as we serve the people. Earlier today we had a community meeting at Ebenezer Assembly in Lupili ward where we discussed various issues that are affecting the residents.”


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