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ECL Legacy: Mutale Nalumango is Zambia’s Vice President because of former President Lungu


Former Zambian President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor, Chris Zumani Zimba, has praised the current government of Zambia for following the ECL Legacy, which he says has resulted in Mutale Nalumango becoming the Republican Vice President. Dr. Zimba states that the ECL Legacy, which focused on entrusting women with leadership positions, has been followed by current President Hakainde Hichilema, resulting in Nalumango’s appointment.

Dr. Zimba highlighted President Lungu’s achievements in terms of gender equality and women’s empowerment, stating that he was the first president to put a woman as his running mate in 2016, a historical moment for Zambia. He also appointed the first female Chief Justice in the country. These actions, according to Dr. Zimba, are the reason why Nalumango is where she is today.

The former President’s advisor also mentioned that it is important for citizens to talk about legacies of presidents while they are still alive. He commended the government for successfully celebrating Kenneth Kaunda Day in April and reminded citizens of the importance of remembering and paying respect to the founding father of Zambia and one of Africa’s greatest Pan Africanists.

Dr. Zimba also noted that the UPND administration has a female Cabinet Minister as Chief Government Spokesperson, which is a beneficiary of the ECL Legacy. Chushi Kasanda, the current Chief Government Spokesperson, has been appointed to this position because of Lungu’s decision to appoint Dora Siliya as Chief Government Spokesperson during his tenure.

Dr. Zimba saluted the current President for following in the footsteps of the ECL Legacy and promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in leadership positions. He believes that Nalumango’s appointment is a testament to President Lungu’s achievements and the positive impact of his legacy on Zambia’s political landscape.


  1. This little boy Chris Zumani Zimba showed a lot of promise before he was handpicked into the criminal mafia of Lazy Lungu..boy got to this boy’s head to the point where he was fixing opponents using police. Now he is here writing rubbish Lazy Lungu only put old hen Bo Inonge Wina as his Veep because she helped him become President at Mulungushi when he didnt even know what was happening. They chose Lazy Lungu because he was the docile one and easy to manage as opposed to crooks like Sampa, GBM, BUFFOON CK etc.

  2. After they leave State House and are unemployed that’s when they remember they can write articles again of “wisdom” next he will go or enrol for further studies.

  3. Times change and political life has the shortest span. When LPM likened the UPND to buttocks that are always behind and will never be in front, the VP as Deputy Speaker at the time, strongly defended that offensive statement. Who ever thought she’d be number 2 in that Party? Let’s respect each other as we don’t know what the future holds for each one of us

  4. Ayatollah, you are really humourous. You have really driven home Chris Zumani’s point. I am sure Madam Nalumango remembers LPM’s anaolgy she defended as Deputy speaker. I am sure it is a position she would still defend today in view of the point Chris Zumani makes. ECL set the trend in terms of picking a female to be Vice-President and Minister of Information, and HH is following behind on this as LPM offensively put it.

  5. Nalumango was always sidelined in UPND. It was the reason why they brought in GBM to be their VEEP.
    They had also considered MUTATI, KAMBWILI and even MILUPI. Where was Nalumanggo….always ignored.
    Until they saw ECL appoint a woman…. then they went looking for Nalumanago. They did not belive in her and even today they do not belive in her. If it was appointment she would have been fired by now…only that that office is protected by the constitution. 2026???? i DOUBT

  6. @Tarino Orange I agree with you regarding the reasons ECL appointed as Veep in the first place!

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