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Heavy Police Presence at Former President Lungu’s House Amidst Theft Allegations


Heavy police presence was reported at the residence of former Zambian President Edgar Lungu in Ibex Hill, Lusaka, on the morning of May 3, 2023. The Zambia Police issued a statement to the media that they are investigating the theft of a certificate of title for a property in Lusaka’s Libala South and three motor vehicles allegedly stolen by Esther Lungu, the former First Lady of Zambia.

According to the statement, Elizabeth Chanje Phiri and her daughter, Furhana Patel, reported to the police that Esther Lungu seized their three motor vehicles, including a Toyota Runx, a Toyota Allex, and a Mitsubishi Canter, and a certificate of title for stand number S/Lusaka/ SLN 0003/2977 in Libala south water works area. The incident occurred between August 8, 2022, and August 9, 2022.

The police launched an investigation into the matter and found one of the vehicles, the Toyota Runx bearing registration number BAV 3986, at Esther Lungu’s residence in Ibex Hills. The police summoned Esther Lungu to appear before them on the same day.

However, the Patriotic Front (PF), the party of the former President, expressed their dissatisfaction with the police presence at the former President’s house. PF lawyer Makebi Zulu claimed that the police presence was a breach of law as it compromises the former President’s immunity. Mr. Zulu said that the search was allegedly meant for Esther Lungu and not Edgar Lungu, and Esther Lungu should have appeared before investigative wings instead of the police ambushing her house.

Hon Brian Mundubile, the leader of the opposition in Parliament and a member of the PF, led a group of PF Members of Parliament to former President Edgar Lungu’s house in Ibex Hill, Lusaka. He said that the PF as a party both in parliament and outside would not allow anyone to intimidate former President Lungu and his family.

The police have yet to release any information about the ongoing investigation, but the presence of a large number of police officers at the former President’s house and the PF’s response has caused concerns about potential political tensions in Zambia.


  1. Under what circumstances were those items taken from these people with indian names?
    It’s difficult to understand some of these things.

    • Looks like the police enjoy being in a commotion. Civilised ways of bringing a suspect to justice are seen as a weakness. They did it at HH’s home when he was in opposition and they now want to do it at Edgar Lungu’s place.

    • Why would Police need a battalion of troops with bomb-proof vehicles to arrest one woman? It just shows the incompetence of our Police. And is this the way anyone investigates? With a raid on a suspect’s home? I have never been a policeman but I certainly would do a better job than Zambia Police.
      Ati “investigating the theft of a certificate of title for a property in Lusaka’s Libala South and three motor vehicles allegedly stolen by Esther Lungu, the former First Lady of Zambia”

  2. They are busy creating cracks to prepare us to fight each other. If this government is too busy and too blind then they will just unite us against them. Ti lowa!

  3. The cycle continues… what a country this is! HH is doing revenge on Lungu and Lungu is probably reaping the seeds of what he sow. But HH should have been man enough to end this BS, because he will be subjected to the same treatment one day. Instead of focusing on governing and doing the right thing by the country, he’s busy pursuing Lungu. Is this some kind of a curse?

  4. It is shocking that the minister of home affairs can sink so low in his actions. Or are these the new tactics of the new IG? Whatever the case is , do you need a battalion of fully armed police officers and amoured vehicles to go and pick one Ester Lungu? Why not summon Esther to the police HQ and interrogate her?I am not a lawyer but I believe the complainant’s case is a civil matter that needs to be settled between the two parties. Whatever it is it did not need the entire Lusaka commando unit to surround ECL’s residence.
    Kajoba was rational and methodical in his approach. Ba new IG?? mmmm

    • They are testing the waters. These are tried and tested techniques. They failed to destabilise us in the past because they failed to penetrate KK’s peace defence shield. Soon they will be calling us a failed state in the same way they are destabilising Sudan. I think it’s time we parted company with these remote controllers.

  5. Were these items got through aggrevated robery by Esther Lungu using a gun? Or were they taken from the two complainants under some failed contract
    2022 Lungu was not in power so the action couldn’t have used state resources.

  6. Is it true heya found one car, the Toyota one, packed inside Ester Lungu’s legendary nostrils! Those ones are wicked, not even an Asian rhino nostril can suck more air than those Hoovers! Imagine the blow jobs cooked out of there, apuuuu!

  7. Facts are these people owe the first lady some money which they failed to repay and instead surrendered the said items to her. The big question is why did the police send a whole battalion on an issue that could be sorted by the courts. Did someone take this opportunity to embarrass the former president.
    It would have made sense if the court had the case and gave permission to bailiffs to retrieve the said items after finding Esther guilty.

  8. So USA puppet HH is scared of Lungu the Chinese favorite….Lungu told the west to take their AID somewhere….Lungu kicked out the US Ambassador…And US is happy with the new Inspector General of Police because he is going after Lungu….Divide and rule…we will be busy fighting each other whilst Crooked Joe Biden is stealing our natural resources…thats the whole game plan…wake up Africa

  9. Village monze manners by scared small endowed hh. Nikanono that ka thing in between his legs

  10. ECL has immunity against prosecution. It does not mean that he cannot be investigated. After what ECL did to many Zambians he should be luck to be roaming the streets of Lusaka. I have no sympathy for him. Those that are coming to his aid are simply looking for Ka small something.

  11. HH should know that such acts just draw sympathetic votes to Lungu’s party. That is how HH became president .Most votes were in sympathy. Now he is handing that sympathy card to Lungu

  12. The ruling party should listen to calls and complaints by Zambians to deal with corruption within the current government.

  13. It is looking like war zone, umwaume mwaune. I think other people nibakuwe? Men face to face. Pamenso yabantu tamema inkalamu.

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