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US gives Zambia $761.5 Million


The United States government has given Zambia 761.5 Million United States Dollars (USD) to help the country expedite the control of the HIV/ AIDS pandemic.

USA Ambassador to Zambia, Micheal Gonzales says the funding is through the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and will go towards Zambia’s national HIV response for the next two years.

Mr Gonzales was speaking during the press briefing yesterday, where he disclosed that the money brings PEPFAR ‘s total commitment to Zambia’s HIV response to over 6.7 billion United States Dollars in the past 20 years.

He said the funding will help the country address persistent gaps that have stood in the way of an AIDS free Zambia.

Mr Gonzales stated that over 1.2 million Zambians receive HIV treatment and life expectancy of Zambians has improved from 48 years in 2003 to 68 years today.

“ Zambia has also seen a 50 percent reduction in new infections since 2010 and has exceeded UNAIDS targets in HIV treatment coverage and viral load suppression,” he said.

Mr Gonzales stated that these successes mean that there are people who are alive today who do not remember when HIV was the leading cause of death in Zambia.

And speaking at the same event, Minister of Health ,Sylvia Masebo thanked the US government for the timely gesture.

Ms Masebo said the money will expedite the country’s response in achieving tangible results and eradicate HIV/AIDS in Zambia.

She said despite having 1.2 million people on treatment, more than 28 thousand people, particularly adolescents and young people are still newly infected with HIV.

“ As Minister of health, I am indeed very excited about this two year bilateral grant agreement by PEPFAR, government appreciates this funding as it will help us achieve the HIV epidemic control.” Ms Masebo said.


  1. You have been given money to speed up your ndevu pa ndevu operations. Uyu ambassador zabwino palibe. You can tell from the face kuti bali pa mission.

  2. First of all thanks to the US govt for this gesture…we need some explanation from the line Ministries involved on how exactly these funds will be used.

    From a lay man’s perspective will this donation improve in anyway our Forex reserves?

    Will it further boost the exchange rate?

    One of the main causes affecting the exchange rate in the past has been cited as importation if medicines, we need a break down from the Ministries if Finance and Health as to how this donation will ease the need to draw Forex from the central treasury and how and whether this can reduce the burden on demand for Forex.

    Make these things clear and don’t operate in silence please.

  3. Typical of Americans.
    They created HIV. Then they started manufacturing ARVs. This supported their pharmaceutical industries and created jobs for their people. Thy have “given us” the dollars but we will not be allowed to buy ARVs from anywhere else but America.

    • I won´t go into the intricacies of challenging the validity of your claim. Perhaps you can consider African agency in the continuous spread of this. Or this wouldn´t fit your narrative?

  4. Begger mentality…..just asking for donations day in day out….what is wrong with us African s…..and we all know where this money will end up…..another 48 unexplained houses..in opposition I thought HH was a genius

  5. Zikomo, although there is some shame in accepting donations. Interestingly, the IMF baillot we have been working on will dispatch 750 million in the first phase, much more than this aid money.
    Most importantly, 1.2 million people are HIV positive in a country of 20 million? Whoa!! We need more sensitisation on this.

  6. “the money brings PEPFAR ‘s total commitment to Zambia’s HIV response to over 6.7 billion United States Dollars in the past 20 years”
    $6.7 billion of FREE MONEY but we have $6 billion of debt with China at high interest rates. That’s highly commendable to the US.
    Its really strange that some brainless bloggers here and PF cadres think Zambia can allow LGBTQ rights without having to go for a national referendum.


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