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ZNS commended for complementing Govt in improving infrastructure


Minister of Defence Ambros Lufuma has commended the Zambia National Service for complementing government efforts of improving the country’s infrastructure in areas such as roads, dams, bridges and airstrip among others.

Mr Lufuma stated that the government is elated with the service for continuously implementing a robust programme of systematically replacing and rehabilitating their aging equipment for efficient operations.

Mr Lufuma said this during the unveiling and flagging off of the newly procured engines for ZNS bull dozers worth K 7.4 million kwacha at ZNS Land Development Branch in Chilanga.

The Minister was happy that the engines were purchased using internally mobilised resources which will speedily achieve the institution’s ambitious goals.

And Mr Lufuma explained that this will reposition the service’s engineering wing to become competitive enough to engage in commercial projects.

“The procurement of the engines will enable the engineering Branch to improve its efficiency in operations for both private and public works,” Mr Lufuma noted.

He thus urged the service to consider partnering with various local authorities countrywide to assist in opening up Land to put up vertical infrastructure using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

The Minister further urged the Commander to continue replenishing aging equipment as the service waits for government funding.

Mr Lufuma also told the service personnel to guard the equipment jealously so that Zambian people benefit from the initiative.

Meanwhile ZNS Commander Maliti Solochi was happy that the engines procured from China were finally in the country.

Lieutenant General Solochi noted that the process might have taken long but that it was worth it.

Chief of Land Development Branch Brigadier General Japhen Mukanda received the two engines.


  1. ZNS have proven themselves time after time, they are very able to the task. Ever since the days of UNIP ZNS has done an amazing job with the grading of feeding roads and serving the nation in the agricultural field all the while being a complimentary defence wing at par with Zambia Army which is not an easy task at all. These guys have done so much for the honor of Zambia and as a nation we really need to appluad them for the selfless services they provide. God bless ZNS.

  2. Please explain what great work they have done ??
    compared to the millions they draw from GRZ each year

    • Visit a ZNS camp and you will see the work they do, constantly maintaining and servicing heavy duty machines. They have commercial farms which greatly contribute to the food basket of the nation, they are running a milling plant which only recently was supplementing the private millers, ZNS is responsible for most of the grading of feeder roads in Zambia’s rural areas, even the road to Shangombo was done by them, ZNS have been deployed in heavy conflict areas bordering Zambia such as DRC Zambia border along Lake Mweru when there were incursions of Mai Mai between 2000 – 2002 in the past and have excelled by neutralizing them. I as an ex service personell have alot of respect for ZNS and their capabilities.

  3. What a daft man this minister is…how can you commending a miltary arm of govt for doing what they are ordered to do..if ZNS was working at full capacity they would be winning most of the contracts!!

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