Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Coronation humour




  1. Lusaka times has gone to the upnd dogs. We have alot of serious challenges in this country under upnd and you are busy posting jokes about people who colonised you. Your hh even takes himself there to worship his masters. Fuseke

  2. Enough with this coronation nonsense…let’s work on our economy….these westerners have stolen enough of our resources

  3. To me it’s just one more proof that royals are not a special breed but ordinary people with the same human weaknesses, fears, hopes as everyone else. They commit aldultery, they can hate, they can lie, they can betray confidences, and what-have-you. There’s nothing special about them although in medieval England commoners used to believe that toucheing a royal’s robes could cure illness.

  4. The same chicanery,lying ,pretentiousness ,double crossing and fakeness with which Britain colonized,exploited and stole from the world.Glad i didn’t watch coronation nonsense of these charlatan colonizers.Brits have lots of innocent blood on their hands.

  5. Whilst many of us men find camilla attractive and seksy, always remember she is part of imperialist

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