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Rural Constituencies Call for More Equitable CDF Allocation


Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Sunday Chilufya Chanda has said rural constituencies like Kanchibiya need more Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation because they face unique challenges that are different from urban towns like Lusaka.

Chanda stated that there is a need for the Government to seriously consider using the equitable model of allocating CDF, as rural constituencies are lagging behind in terms of development activities compared to well-established and developed constituencies like Kabwata in Lusaka. He noted that to increase the rate of development activities in rural underdeveloped constituencies, there is a need for the equitable distribution of CDF, which will spur the rate of development and attract more people to come and work in these areas.

Chanda commended President Hakainde Hichilema for increasing the CDF allocation from K1.6 million to K28.3 million, stating that the increase in CDF allocation to constituencies is a milestone step that the Government has provided for its citizens. He also disclosed that his office would continue engaging the central Government to assist in implementing certain capital projects that cannot be done using CDF.

Meanwhile, Chief Mpepo of the Bemba people has commended the area Member of Parliament and Kanchibiya Town Council for prudent utilization and management of CDF. He said CDF has brought tangible positive significant change to the district, such as sponsorship of boarding secondary school bursaries and skills and trade development courses among other things.David Mwansa, Kanchibiya District Town Council Secretary, urged all contractors implementing CDF projects in the district to continue adhering to recommended set standards and guidelines for implementing CDF projects.

He further said that Kanchibiya will endeavor to implement all CDF projects with the spirit of excellence.Chanda toured selected projects being funded by CDF, where he concluded spot checks on the following project sites; Lokomwila road which is very important for the locals is in need of proper rehabilitation to make it motorable and all-weather, while the bridge which suffers perennial flooding needs to be replaced with an Acrow Bridge for safety and durability issues. T

he Lokomwila Rural Health Post has inadequate infrastructure in terms of staff houses, classroom space, and sanitary facilities. The incinerator at Lokomwila Rural Health Post is complete, serve for a few fixtures that need to be done.Chanda also stated that the inadequate infrastructure in terms of staff housing is noticeable in a cross-section of education and health facilities. On this score, he has had successful talks with key stakeholders to consider the construction of low-cost housing for public service workers and the general public. Chanda pledged to ensure all schools are catered for once they receive their 3,300 Desk Consignment for 2023. The team in charge of planning and works will revisit project sites in the next couple of days to do thorough assessments for planning purposes and timely fact-based intervention.


  1. This boy has no shame his PF govt didnt even that much CDF…some consititutencies can not even use up the allocation and he wants more.

  2. On this one, Mr. Chanda is totally correct. @Tarino you justify him by saying some constituencies can not use up the allocation.
    The government needs to come up with a formula for allocating the CDF. Some constituencies are smaller than the others and others may even be less developed. While those in the Urban areas are bigger and may need more allocation.

  3. There were only a few things wrong with KK’s development plans. We needed just to rectify these and go ahead with his strategy. CDF has just become an uubomba mwibala channel. Tell me CDF projects that the people have benefited from. Its only the disbursers of the finances who are becoming rich

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