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Government sets aside funds for empowering solar milling plants


Government has set aside funds to empower cooperatives that are running solar milling plants in Lupososhi district.

Lupososhi District Cooperatives Development and Enterprise Officer, Chanda Mulenga, said the funds will be given to cooperatives in form of loans under the Citizens Economic and Empowerment Commission (CEEC) empowerment programme.

And Mr Mulenga has disclosed that the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise Development has funded about 358 small scale business groups in the districts using the marketer booster loans.

He explained that these empowerment funds are in line with President Hakainde Hichilema’s vision to ensure that small-scale traders are empowered with capital to boost their businesses across the country.

Mr Mulenga has meanwhile described the first quarter of 2023 as impressive in terms of the performance cooperatives in the district.

He has since urged the general public in the district to always get involved in the government empowerment programmes that are aimed at uplifting their livelihoods.

Mr Mulenga said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lupososhi district today.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mulenga has bemoaned the poor state of the road network in the area.

He said the deplorable state of the roads is drastically affecting the smooth operations of business activities as cooperatives are incurring higher transport expenses.

And Ukasanga Ico Uwafya Cooperative Chairperson, Amos Chibwe, has thanked government for its positive response to cooperatives, especially those in rural areas.

Mr Chibwe explained that his cooperative, which does welding, used to face numerous challenges before it was empowered through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

He explained that these challenges have since been resolved and are a thing of the past.

Mr Chibwe revealed that based on the government’s support towards cooperatives, many Zambians are destined for greater success in social and economic activities, which will help alleviate poverty levels among the people.

And James Mutondo, who is Revelation Youth Club Chairperson, also commended the government for empowering the young people in the area.

Mr Mutondo revealed that his club, which benefited from the 2022 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) empowerment grant, is anticipating a great life transformation for most young people in the area.


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