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Drug shortages countrywide to come to end in June – Masebo


Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo has assured the nation that the arrival of bulk drugs from India in June is expected to normalize drug shortages in most health centres in the country.

Speaking when she called on Copperbelt Province Minister Elisha Matambo, Ms Masebo said drugs from India will be supplied to all clinics and health posts, rural and urban health centers.

“We expect to receive centre kits from India by June 2023 to beef up medical drug shortages in the country,” she said.

Mrs Masebo disclosed that the centre kits will be supplied to all clinics, health posts in rural, and urban health centres.

She noted that with the coming in of the medical drugs the country will experience stability as the drugs are expected to last for a year and it will give ample time for Zambia Medical Stores Agency to refill the drugs supply.

The Minister said that the Zambia Medical Stores Agency is currently procuring drugs locally, however, the drugs are not enough to last for a year.

“When we visit the clinic we will be told the medical drugs consignment is at 70 percent but two weeks later it will have reduced to 40 percent as the number of people accessing medical services is very high,” she said.

Meanwhile Copperbelt Province Minister Elisha Matambo has commended Zambia Flying Doctor Service for the transformation of operations in terms of structure and human resource.

Mr. Matambo said Zambia Flying Doctor Service was upside down and buildings were in a dilapidated state, however, the management team has worked hard to bring renewed hope.

“From the intensive care unit Zambia Flying Doctor Service used to be, to a place where one can go and have hope that they will evacuate their relatives and live again.” He said.

The Copperbelt Province Minister has expressed optimism that the notable change at Zambia Flying Doctor Service will spill over to other areas in the Ministry of Health.


  1. Minister you told the nation that shortages were due to thefts by health personnel. So in June there won’t be pilfering? Minister it’s better to say that the demand is too much for the supply.

    • Tomba nyoko……….

      You think running a health ministry is like running your ka dry farm plot ??

    • You are too small to compete with me in this game. So now you are admitting that the job of running a country is too enormous for HH and Upnd? Health is a major part of running a country.

    • What game naimwee……….

      You are just a layman masquerading as a blogger……….

      Anyone with sense call tell how thick you are……

    • 1. You cannot experience success in life and see dreams, aspirations in your favour to have abundance – Financially, Socially, Psychologically and Environmentally when your heart is filled with rage against any other person. Its a recipe for stagnation in life. When you come to lusakatimes to insult others or their mothers – tells the rest of the world how frustrated and chaotic a persons is.

    • 2. If you can *write, *read and *speak the English language – there is no need to be a loser or failure in life as these . Yet we see these episodes every week. The world has so much money waiting for anyone who can imagine brilliant idea, regardless of where you come from poor or rich. Time and energy is wasted indulging in negativity instead of being creative. Can Zambia develop with such rage, insults, negativity and wasted energy.

  2. i thought there are no shortages of medicine but just nurses failing to communicate with patients Or maybe nurses are just stealing too much. Meanwhile people have to wait until June to start getting sick.

    • They are never short of reasons for failure. Come June they’re simply going to come up with another reason….. maybe I DIDN’T MEAN THIS JUNE, I MEANT JUNE 2024kkkk

  3. Masebo nayena alilwala but for her she has access to arv drugs withoutfail . Very f00Iish woman

  4. What the minister is saying is………….

    Mismanagement, theft and corruption characterised the supply and distribution of medicines countrywide………….

    Key long term monitoring and demand estimations have now been put in place and the weak links fixed………..

    Hence we expect stable and constant supply going forward

    • Who bewitched you i.diots kwena….Can you still believe this birchh is telling the truth?

      Stop be docile you morons

  5. It is an inadvertent admission of guilt.
    Shortages are real, our leaders are not up to snuff.

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