Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Mother and Daughter Missing, Suspected Crocodile Attack along Kabompo River


Authorities in Manyinga District in North-western Province are conducting a search for two missing individuals who are believed to have been attacked and killed by crocodiles along the Kabompo River.

Yesterday, Eastine Chitezhi (32) and her daughter Violet Kalusa (13) from Katoka village in Mukundwiji area went fishing around 20:00 hours using a fishing basket, but they did not return home. Concerned, Eastine’s husband and family members went looking for them.

The search team discovered only their clothes on the riverbank. The family then informed the civic leader and traditional leaders in the area. Chiteve Ward Councilor, Ben Kapenda, confirmed the incident and stated that a search operation involving local youths, the police, and traditional leaders was ongoing, but the missing individuals had not yet been found. The civic leader and community members suspect that the duo may have been attacked by crocodiles.

This incident has raised concerns among stakeholders in the district. Patrick Kamboyi, the Chairman of Manyinga Stakeholders, expressed his regret that despite warnings against fishing or swimming in the crocodile-infested Kabompo River, people continue to lose their lives. He emphasized the need for caution and urged people to avoid such activities along the river.

At the time of this report, the search for the two missing individuals was still underway.

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