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The use of the Nike jersey would be illegal for the match involving 2012 Africa Cup legends-FAZ



The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has told Kings of Africa, the organizers of the match involving legends from the 2012 Africa Cup squad and Barcelona that the use of the Nike jersey would be illegal. Zambia donned the Nike jersey during the 2012 Africa Cup it won in Gabon.

But Nike terminated the contract with FAZ in August 2014 due to some illegalities. Since then, the national teams have been wearing a local brand, KoPa. FAZ acting general secretary Iva Lengwe guided the organisers of the eagerly anticipated exhibition May 25 match between the 2012 Cup legends and their Barcelona counterparts.

“The Football Association of Zambia wishes to inform its membership and stakeholders that the organisers of the May 25, 2023, match involving legends from 2012 Africa Cup squad and Barcelona finally visited Football House. Kings of Africa who are the organisers of the match paid a courtesy on FAZ acting General Secretary Iva Lengwe on Thursday afternoon, ” reads a statement by FAZ communications manager Sydney Mungala.

Lengwe says during an impromptu courtesy call by Kings of Africa, FAZ acting General Secretary Iva Lengwe sought clarity from the organisers of the match on some lingering matters. “Kings of Africa management paid a courtesy call on FAZ, and the FAZ management took the liberty to guide them on some areas concerning the organization of matches world over. FAZ guided the organizers that they could not legally use the Nike jersey for the game as it would constitute an illegality,” says Lengwe.

“Following the termination of the contract by Nike with Zambia in August 2014 it remains illegal for any Zambian team to don the Nike jersey for any match. Donning the Nike jersey with a FAZ logo would attract sanctions from Nike that would be directed at FAZ.”
He adds; “It would also be illegal for anyone to sale such a jersey to the public as it is a violation of the law. All goods bearing the FAZ logo are a preserve of FAZ as the FAZ logo is registered as a trademark.”

Lengwe says, “Anyone found retailing the Nike jersey with the FAZ logo will be subject to prosecution as has been the case in the past. Members of the public are guided accordingly.”

Lengwe says the Kings of Africa management were exploring the possibility of using the KoPa kit for their match on May 25.

“It remains the FAZ responsibility to organize international football matches in Zambia as mandated by FIFA,” he says.

Lengwe reaffirmed that FAZ was not against the match but only wished that the organisation be done in accordance with accepted practices in the game.


  1. It’s sour grapes. Ivy isn’t a Nike representative and has never kicked a ball in his life, can he tell us that all those legends and other people involved are wrong and only him and Kamanga are right? This game been widely advertised and will beamed live worldwide with an estimated 500 million viewers, can he tell us that Nike aren’t aware about it? Let Nike take up the issue with organizers if at all there’s any

    • Why FAZ don’t want to go watch retired international footballers? Because tabakalyemo?
      Jealous ya mu Zambia…

  2. This pro- Kalu minister must be careful and not to cause confusion..
    You will not succeed trying to bring Kalu thru the back door. We are watching you.

  3. Just steer clear of controversy. Use Chinese made replica jersey from the shops in kamwala instead of using original Nike jersey.

  4. FAZ just go sleep. We never hear you make noise or give your thoughts on football only on what players are wearing. Tell us how you want Chipolopolo to play and how our CAF reps should play and what they need to win to restore our pride. This Nike Nike you should discuss in your boardroom with the organisers not via loudspeakers

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