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Secretary to the Cabinet warns government officials against disobeying Presidential directives on selling the 14 luxury 4×4 vehicles


Zambia’s Secretary to the Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa, has stated that disobeying a directive from the country’s President is a severe lapse, especially at the level of government officials. Speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview program, Kangwa noted that most trips taken by ministers have been excessive, and many have been stopped. The government will be selling 14 luxury 4×4 vehicles, which need to be explained following the presidential directive, and anyone found wanting will face appropriate disciplinary action, he added.

The government had purchased the VXs duty-free, and there would be no losses incurred in the selling of the vehicles. Kangwa stressed that the government is trying to move all processes online to reduce person-to-person contact, thereby reducing bribes and other illegalities.

Kangwa further explained that the Cabinet Office approves trips, and permanent secretaries must also approve them, with a line that distinguishes what the government needs to do and what it should not do. Many trips are stopped, but in agreement with the President, the number of trips has been excessive. The government is taking steps to rectify this, with identified areas of foreign travel, local travel, workshops, abuse of government resources, and procurement, to be sorted out simultaneously.

The Secretary to the Cabinet said that the government had brought several ministries under connectivity, with most meetings now being held online, and the number of people traveling reduced to cut costs. The system was beginning to defend itself, with bad civil servants able to defend each other, and so the government introduced digitization as a cost-cutting intervention.

Kangwa emphasized that the transformation unit was working with various ministries, with digitization being a significant cost-cutting intervention by the government. The government has also introduced the pricing index to assist in terms of reasonableness, which helps in terms of quality, timeliness, and cost. The procurement officers are being disciplined, suspended, or fired, with many openings in the last few months, and the Civil Service Commission has started advertising for these jobs internally for promotion.

Kangwa reiterated that it was not automatic that an officer in an institution would be promoted if the person they report to is removed or promoted. They must be the best amongst many to make that happen.


  1. Patrick you are losing it my old friend. How can a civil servant disobey a presidential directive without reason? If there’s such a resistance, it’s because your Boss made the directive at a political rally and the civil servant is waiting for a written and signed memo from the president. Simple logic.

  2. The same f00Iish president who directed that they purchase these vehicles is the one directing they sell them. Because this was his not so clever plan to buy these cars cheaply. Ask you’reself why he hasn’t fired anyone for this. Hh mother effer

  3. This man is not making sense what so ever…what are you warning about? Are the vehicles not impounded or are the ministers using them? What does it matter whether you bought it duty free..the moment you drive it off the showroom its price starts to depreciate. Why is he as Secretary to Cabinet not holding his hands up as such procurement can not go without his signature.

    • Secretary to the cabinet is the quintessential puppet. It is in his job description. He has to jump at everyone of the president’s barks. Its a job for spineless individuals. Those who only mind about their bank cheque not about principles

  4. Lusaka Times..your site is full of adverts and popups and is there any way you can archive old stories

  5. “Most trips taken by Ministers have been excessive” And by the president???
    Excessive trips means more money. So we can see what our President is protecting=only his money. Isnt this hypocrisy? He travels more than any cabinet member or civil servant -no wonder he never draws his salary

  6. Kangwa stressed that the government is trying to move all processes online to reduce person-to-person contact, thereby reducing bribes and other illegalities.
    Reduce bribes? Not wipe them off?? The government is now admitting they cant do anything about corruption except to live with it at what they consider “rerduced level”

  7. Patrick Kangwa just like Anthony Bwalya anyanta pa kapendu. He has to talk nonsense for him to survive.

  8. @Dejavu
    Yes it takes forever to access a story and just alot of nonsense popping up and when you post a comment sometimes it just disappeares….I see 5 years old news still popping up as if it’s latest news…

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