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Mwandi to scale up CDF projects



Mwandi Town Council intends to scale-up infrastructure development using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) transform livelihoods of the residents and change the face of the district.

A full council meeting last week agreed that the local authority would this week start rehabilitating 30 boreholes to improve water suplly.
“We are working on 30 boreholes and the contractor has since arrived,” Mwandi council chairperson Mike Lubasi said.

Mr Lubasi said the local authority will construct a slaughter slab at Magumwi business centre to promote the beef industry in the district.
Mwandi, whose economic stay is livestock farming, has hundreds of cattle farmers. The slaughter slab will create a market for the beef.
“We are also embarking on construction of feeder roads both at Lutaba civic centre and Mwandi Royal Village,” Mr Lubasi said.
Lutaba, about 60 kilometres from Mwandi Royal Village, is the designated area for the district administration, civic centre, the police station, hospital and the post office.

The district administration and the local authority have been squatting from Mwandi Royal Village since Mwandi was declared a district by President Michael Sata in 2013.

To actualise service delivery, the full council meeting approved the employment of two drivers and seven general workers.

Giving an update on projects funded from the 2021 CDF, Mr Lubasi said a staff house has been constructed at Sooka Primary School at a cost of K295,908.80
Other staff houses have been construct at Adonsi Primary School (K285,150), Lusinina PHC (K285,150) and a science and computer laboratory at Lipumpu Day Secondary School (K596,065).

From the 2022 CDF, two other projects have been completed while two are still under construction. A staff house at Lwamwila Primary School has been constructed at K546,161 and a 1×2 classroom block at Sambututu Primary School has been completed at K512 ,325.

The construction of 1×3 classroom block at Lwanza Primary School for K741,895 is still on-going, so is the construction of another 1×3 classroom block at Kandelumuna at K741,895 yet to be completed.

Mr Lubasi said water harvest tanks at Adonsi Primary School have been procured while the construction of a store room at Magumwi PHC has been completed.
Mr Lubasi said the 2022 CDF third and fourth quarter projects include the rehabilitation of staff house at Magumwi clinic at K247,596.68. It is at gable level
A contractor has mobilised to begin constructing a 1× 3 classroom block at Lutaba Primary School worth K700,000.

Another contractor has moved on site to construction a 1×3 classroom block at Kazungwe Primary School for K716 ,674. 82.
Other contractors have also set base Lwazamba Primary School to build a staff house at K534,394 as well as the construction of 1×3 classroom block at Mwanamatuku Primary School at K680,000.

A 1×2 classroom block at Mabumbu Primary School is set to be constructed for K505,285 and another – 1×2 classroom block at Kakulwani Primary School for K519,588.71 while a contractor is on site to complete the construction of 1×2 classroom block at Sakasise Primary School.

Other projects include the construction of a 1×3 at Adonsi Primary School for K716,724.9, the construction of a 1×3 classrooom block at Kayumbwana Primary School (K732,567.4) and the rehabilitation of Lipumpu Primary School’s 1×2 classroom block at K300,000.

A staff house at Namanjanga Primary School will be built for K507,682.44.

On the 2022 CDF loan empowerment, the local authority has managed to disburse the money to 18 beneficiaries through Indo Zambia Bank.
“We mean serious business. The council is the implementing arm of the government development at district level. New Dawn government at work,” Mr Lubasi said

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