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North Western, Western law makers prodded to ensure natural resources benefit locals – Muchima


Minister of Lands and National Resources Elijah Muchima has called on Members of Parliament from North-Western and Western Provinces to ensure that natural resources within the two regions are used to benefit the local people.

Mr. Muchima who is also Ikeleng’i Constituency member of Parliament in North-Western Province said President Hakainde Hichilema is keen on opening up economic development for Zambia through utilization of the available Natural Resources in all the provinces.

He said this during a planning meeting for Expo to be co-hosted by the North-Western and Western Provinces scheduled to take place between 20th to 24th September this year organized by CAPAH (Coalition of Africa Parliamentarians on Animal-Human Health and Environment).

Mr. Muchima said the exhibition will bring together a cross section of stakeholders and Potential investors both local and international so as to explore the opportunities that exist in North-Western and Western Provinces.

He said the key focus areas behind the CAPAH Parliamentarian’s Exhibition Business Forum are Mining, Agriculture, Livestock and Tourism among others.

Mr. Muchima however said despite being heavily endowed with various Natural resources and a rich culture, the two provinces have been underdeveloped hence the need for CAPAH exhibition business forum to explore the untapped Potential.

“North-Western Province is heavily Endowed with minerals such as Gold, Copper, Uranium, Manganese among others” he said.

He said currently only the large Multinational mining companies have taken advantage of these Natural resources while the locals are not able to exploit the mining potential due to lack of access to Finances.

He has since appealed to cooperating partners to help local people to explore the mining sector.


  1. You are always complaining. You are telling people to form cooperatives.You know very well the low levels of education and financial literacy in our province. Mining is capital intensive with safety risks. Its not something you just tell the locals to do. Why dont you as ministers,senior gvt officials and MPs from the province form a company to exploit the mineral resources you are talking about?We have Tambatamba, Lihefu, mulusa, mukumbi, Muchima, Tetamashimba, Katambi and others. That company can raise capital and finances. That company can create jobs for the people in the province.That company can also employ professionals. Don’t just complain . Do something about it and not just rushing for “small contracts” from fqm and Lumwana.

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