Friday, June 14, 2024

Luapula Chiefs concerned with the increasing number of witchcraft accusations in their Chiefdoms


The Luapula Province Council of Chiefs is concerned with the increasing number of witchcraft accusations in their Chiefdoms.

In a Statement made available to the media in Mansa, Luapula Province Council of Chiefs Chairperson Chief Chisunka disclosed that Pastors and some traditional leaders are mostly responsible for falsely accusing people of witchcraft without evidence.

Chief Chisunka noted that such accusations are causing damage to property and endangering the lives of our community members stating that they are also a hindrance to the development of chiefdoms.

“We urge our people to uphold the law and refrain from making false accusations, it sad that pastors and traditional leaders are the ones causing this,” he said.

In another development, Chief Chisunka also urged his fellow traditional leaders to be cautious when recommending individuals, foreign nationals to get National Registration Cards.

“It has come to our attention that some of these individuals may have criminal intent and pose a threat to our chiefdoms. We should encourage such individuals to seek recommendations from the Immigration and Registration Offices of the Government,” he said.

The traditional leader stated that any individuals suspected of not having legal documents to be in Zambia should be reported to the law enforcement agencies to help reduce the rise in crimes.


  1. What do you expect under hh and upnd? This whole govt is based on sacrifice of human blood. Freemas0ns

  2. It has become a good profitable business. The only is for the chiefs to initiate the arrest of anyone engaging in this business. Once some are sent to prison people will think twice before doing it.

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