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President Lungu’s Immunity does not extend to his wife and Children


Gertrude Imenda, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Party for National Development (UPND),has asserted that the immunity enjoyed by former Zambian President Edgar Lungu does not extend to his wife and children. Imenda emphasized that they can be subject to investigation and legal proceedings if any wrongdoing is suspected.

Imenda’s comments came in response to remarks made by Brian Mundubile, a presidential aspirant from the Patriotic Front (PF), who claimed that Lungu was unjustly treated by the UPND government, alleging that he had not committed any actions to warrant such treatment.

Responding to Mundubile’s assertions, Imenda clarified that Lungu was not being harassed by the UPND government, as implied. She reiterated that the investigation into Lungu’s alleged misdeeds was carried out in accordance with the rule of law and due process.

Imenda further explained that presidential immunity, which shields former heads of state from prosecution for acts committed during their tenure, is limited to the individual holding the office. The immunity does not extend to the immediate family members, such as the spouse and children.

Yesterday, Ho Mundubile, a presidential aspirant from the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) party, expressed his disapproval of the treatment received by former Zambian President Edgar Lungu at the hands of the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) government. Mundubile questioned the justification behind the treatment and accused the government of infringing on Lungu’s rights as a citizen.

Mundubile specifically referred to Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe’s statement regarding Lungu’s continued enjoyment of benefits despite alleged misbehavior. He questioned the notion of misbehavior and urged the government to clarify the actions they were referring to. Mundubile emphasized that as a citizen of Zambia, Lungu is entitled to all the rights and freedoms accorded to him, and any attempt to control his behavior would be an infringement on his rights.

Furthermore, Mundubile drew a parallel to the respectful treatment of former presidents in neighboring Kenya, particularly mentioning President Uhuru Kenyatta’s respect for former President William Ruto. He called upon the UPND government to learn from this example and urged ministers and the head of state to show similar respect towards Lungu.

The opposition aspirant criticized the alleged harassment and humiliation that Lungu has endured, particularly by the police and the UPND government. Mundubile argued that there was no justification for such treatment, and the government’s contradictory statements and activities concerning the former president’s office raised suspicions. He called on the UPND to reflect on their actions, stating that their treatment of a former head of state was drawing negative attention globally.

Mundubile suggested that Lungu’s harassment stemmed from the UPND government’s fear that his interactions with citizens would expose their failures in fulfilling their promises. According to him, the government’s sensitivity arose from their realization that they had not delivered on their commitments to the Zambian people. Mundubile cited potential topics that Lungu might address, such as drug shortages, agricultural sector challenges, compromised judiciary appointments, and concerns within the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Meanwhile, Mundubile challenged Justice Minister Haimbe’s assertion that a former head of state’s treatment was based on their conduct while in power. He accused the UPND government of handling the matter in a childish manner, calling for a proper legal process if they had any case against Lungu, including laying charges, removing his immunity in Parliament, and prosecuting him in a dignified manner.


  1. You are absolutely right that the presidential immunity does not extend to a president’s wife or children, however could you explain to the Zambian people what law or system you used to diffrentiate between the president’s assets and his wife when breaking into his house? The part of the gate you were trying to break, did that belong to his wife?

    • Oh I see. I thought it extends to Lungu’s children, brother, Wife’s nephew and nieces, cousin and great grand children and their wives and husbands. The court should help us understand

  2. Very dull. Even a grade seven drop out knows that immunity covers only the person who is/was president. The reason why a first lady cannot be arrested while the husband is in office is just fear by the law enforcement agencies.
    If you are trying to justify what happened, you are wasting time…. it’s the way the operation way was carried out had all the hallmarks of harassing the former Head of State.

  3. Gertrude is a f00Iish ugly woman who should be careful. Soon upnd will be kicked out of power. When we are back, she will regret her words. Mark my words. Kaleza pali ba mayeee ba hh

    • But Imenda do you that you are setting a very bad precedence. Don’t be so comfortable in the harassment of the former President’s family. Remember the power that HH is enjoying today will one day evaporate from him and with that precedence you are setting, it will be very sad for his family. It’s not good to support the persecution being done to Lungu’s family

  4. Useful *****s you have failed on your promises now you want to make yourselves relevant.The best you can do is to keep quiet

  5. Very dumb comment I agree. UPND party members should just zip up and leave it to their two mouthpieces masquerading as government employees;Smokey Chushi and Thabo Kawana

  6. In any other country lungu was supposed to be in jail by now………..

    Even before his many other crimes,……..

    Can lungu explain how he aquired $2.4 million after just 18 months in office ???

    • Iwe that’s why I say you are shallow. The article is not about Edgar Lungu but about Esther Lungu. Edgar is a man while Esther is a woman. Esther who’s married to the former president is a subject in a case involving theft.

    • Look at this *****ee ……….

      Despite knowing how to read it can’t tell the heading is mostly irrelevant as the topic is mostly about lungu………….

      Not his wife……..

    • It is called working hard. But chicarlo chawls0 you don’t know anything about hard work, because the government there in diaspora are taking care of your ugly black backside and feeding you. Here in zambia we work hard and sme of us are even richer than your masters there abroad. Fuseke

    • Buumi Bwethu

      HH has declered his assets……anyone who requires clarification should petition ECZ to release the information

      You have been told time and again

  7. Spaka how clean is HH,the man has failed to declare his assets.The fact that his money is offshore doesn’t not make better.Lungu you are able to talk about because everything is local in Zambia

    • HH told the likes of yourself , tiyali nawakwi and the rest of PF that……..

      A 3 bed furnished house will be given if you can show where he has stolen anything …………

  8. What has UPND got to do with a former President’s immunity…its best you distance yourselves from such topics and leave such questions for the AG to responnd to…you never learnt anything durin your time in opposition.

  9. Hh namanje akana kuchita declare his stolen assets. The man is retarded and arrogant. When we return to power we will deal with him.

    • You failed to deal with him when he was opposition, you can claim he has stolen but non of you has proof. Looking at how brutal PF was, it would not have taken long to cage HH and find him guilty if indeed he had stolen. It is just a pity that the former president is entangled in the issues of his wife which unavoidable.

  10. The problem with Upnd is that everyone wants to defend the party… but without logic and as such they end up contradicting each other. Even the withdraw of security has got so many explanations with each person giving his/her own reasons with their own numbers of officers withdrawn.

    • Look at this one………..

      The law is clear at how many officers must be provided for the former President………3

      In zambia 3 means 3……in your DR Congo 3 could mean 5, 7 or 13……

  11. Let someone telling Chilufya Tayali that presidential immunity is not sexually transmitted! Otherwise Mumbi Phiri, Silitoris Doria and Nkandu Lunyokolile would also claim immunity by virtue of their canal knowledge of Jameson mutawale Lungu.

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