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Zambia Airways Launches New Direct Flights from Lusaka to Johannesburg


Zambia Airways has announced the launch of new direct flights from Lusaka to Johannesburg, providing passengers with a convenient and reliable way to travel between the two cities. The service will commence operations on 1st June 2023 and will be operated with a modern and comfortable B737-700 aircraft, offering both Business class and Economy class.

The flight schedule has been designed to suit the needs of both business and leisure travelers, with a convenient early morning departure of 07:00hrs from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka. Zambia Airways is committed to providing its passengers with a safe and comfortable flying experience, with all flights operated in accordance with the highest safety standards. The airline’s experienced and friendly cabin crew will provide exceptional service to passengers on board.

“We are delighted to launch our new direct flights from Lusaka to Johannesburg,” said Abiy Asrat Jiru, CEO of Zambia Airways. “This is an exciting development for our airline and demonstrates our commitment to expanding our network and providing our passengers with more travel options within the region.”

With the launch of this new service, Zambia Airways will connect two of the region’s major cities and provide passengers with a convenient and affordable way to travel. The airline is committed to enhancing tourism, attracting investments, and creating job opportunities as the national carrier of Zambia.

Passengers can now book their flights on the Zambia Airways website or contact their local travel agent for more information.


  1. Ours and ECLs legacy. Ala our father ecl worked hard for our country. What has hh achieved apart from giving you the right to withdraw your own life savings earlier?

  2. It won’t mean anything if the ticket prices and service offered is not competitive. That’s how proflight survived all these years by offering lower ticket prices.

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