Thursday, June 13, 2024

Mumbi Phiri Steps Away from PF Presidential Race


Mumbi Phiri, the former PF deputy secretary general, has surprised the political landscape by announcing her withdrawal from the PF presidential race. In a recent statement, Phiri revealed that her new focus lies in addressing the welfare of women and children in prison, leading her to make the decision to step away from the race.

Phiri, known for her active involvement in Zambian politics, expressed her concern for the vulnerable groups within the prison system. She believes that they often face neglect and lack adequate support, and she wishes to dedicate her efforts towards advocating for their rights and improving their living conditions. By shifting her attention towards this important cause, Phiri hopes to make a lasting impact on the lives of these marginalized individuals.

In addition to her decision to withdraw from the presidential race, Phiri offered a word of caution to President Hakainde Hichilema regarding the individuals he has appointed to key positions in his government. She warned that many of them still harbor presidential ambitions, implying that their loyalty to the President may be questionable. Phiri’s statement suggests that President Hichilema should be vigilant and carefully consider the motives and intentions of those surrounding him.

While stepping away from the presidential race, Phiri expressed her desire for the PF to conduct a fair and transparent internal selection process to choose their candidate for the upcoming elections. By advocating for an open and inclusive selection process, she aims to ensure that the party’s decision accurately reflects the will of its members. Phiri’s emphasis on fairness and democracy within the party showcases her commitment to upholding the principles that the PF stands for.

Moreover, Phiri disclosed her plans to establish a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on addressing the needs of women and children in prison. Through this NGO, she intends to advocate for policy changes, raise awareness about the plight of incarcerated individuals, and provide tangible support to improve their overall well-being. Phiri’s decision to form an NGO highlights her determination to actively engage in humanitarian work and make a difference in the lives of those who are often overlooked by society.

As news of Phiri’s departure from the presidential race spreads, political analysts and party members alike are pondering the implications of her decision. Some speculate that her exit may have far-reaching consequences on the internal dynamics of the PF, as Phiri has been a prominent figure within the party. Others commend her for prioritizing the welfare of vulnerable groups and view her decision to form an NGO as a noble endeavor.

With Mumbi Phiri’s withdrawal from the PF presidential race, it remains to be seen how her departure will impact the internal dynamics of the PF and the forthcoming elections.


  1. Thank you mama. That is your right to decide what is best for you. We know we can count on your support as pf in other ways. Amen and God bless you

  2. She saw she was bottom of the pile so rather than waste time and money on something that will never be better to withdraw.

  3. Mumbi Phiri needs some help to understand certain things, she goes on radio to say the President is constitutionally supposed to pardon some inmates on Christmas day. That is not true, the power of parole that the President has is not tied to any day, not even independence or Africa Freedom Day, and infact the President is not even obliged to use it, he cannot exercise the power of parole for even 10 years if he wants and nobody will question him and there is no breach of any constitution.

  4. Its OK to say you dont have the money to ml ount a serious campaign. Nevertheless, we are not going backwards to PF in similar vain as MMD and UNIP.

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