Wednesday, April 17, 2024

TAZAMA Pipeline Incident Successfully Resolved, Minister of Energy Reports


In an update provided by the Minister of Energy, Hon. Eng. Peter C. Kapala, the recent incident on the TAZAMA Pipeline in Mbeya, Tanzania has been successfully resolved, thanks to the prompt response of pipeline personnel and the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. The Minister commended the swift actions taken by all involved parties and expressed gratitude for their dedication in addressing the situation.

The Minister’s press statement emphasized that repair works on the TAZAMA Pipeline were efficiently carried out by the pipeline personnel, concluding on May 17, 2023. Following the completion of repairs, operations were successfully restarted at 16:30hrs the same day, restoring the pipeline to full functionality.

Initially estimated to have resulted in a loss of 1 million liters of low Sulphur gas oil, the actual amount of oil spilled during the incident has been recalculated to be significantly lower, standing at 257,000 liters. This figure is expected to decrease further as the ongoing mop-up and oil recovery efforts progress, with the recovered oil being reintegrated into the pipeline.

The Minister highlighted the full support and cooperation received from the Tanzanian government, including the local authorities and security wings, in managing the incident effectively. As a testament to their commitment to justice, the operator of the grader involved in the incident and the Director of the Contracting Company have been apprehended and will face appropriate charges in court. This decisive action demonstrates the Tanzanian government’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

Looking ahead, site restoration and environmental cleanup measures will commence under the guidance of the National Environmental Agency in Tanzania. This process will ensure that the affected area is restored to its previous condition, mitigating any potential environmental impact caused by the incident.

The Minister of Energy concluded the statement by commending the management and employees of the TAZAMA Pipeline for their hard work and dedication in swiftly repairing the pipeline, allowing operations to resume promptly. Furthermore, he expressed his appreciation to the Tanzanian authorities, particularly the police, for their diligent efforts in enforcing the law and swiftly apprehending the individuals responsible for the incident.

With the TAZAMA Pipeline incident now resolved and steps being taken towards a full recovery, Tanzania can continue its energy operations with increased confidence, reassured by the successful collaboration and decisive actions taken by all parties involved in addressing the situation.


  1. Fuseke you failures. You have cost my oil businesses alot of money. You owe us compensation. I will sue you

  2. Brace yourselves for more leakages…you will end up sending more on just secruity to the point of having a helicopter to patrol. Our founding fathers were not daft to pump crude oil in that pipeline as it stimulated growth and job creation unlike you who is doing the opposite and doing more damage to the roads plus the risk of accidents will higher.

  3. Most of those that take up leadership positions like this Minister don’t weigh and reflect on their utterances. This man is commending his team for a swift response after the loss of 1million litres. Is that the kind of response that you can pat your team on the back and in turn also receive it from Mr Hichilema? We have a serious problem. There’s likely to be more of such leakages because of the commodity that’s being conveyed in that pipe. Please listen to what others are saying

  4. What about the 1 million plus litres of diesel which is already lost. How will we recuperate the cost ? Does this mean an increase in the price fuel next month ?

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